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More From Penn State Case Needs to Be Incorporated into Regular NCAA Process

, I took a look at how Penn State might eventually get its sanctions reduced. That was in the wake of PSU trustees getting more vocal about their desire to see the sanctions reduced along with the news that Penn State was already complying with the reduction in overall football scholarships a year early. I […]

NCAA Needs to Pick a Side With the IAWP Hires

After Isaiah Whitehead committed to Seton Hall amid reports that the Pirates had agreed to hire his high school coach Tiny Morton, Andy Glockner took a look at what Whitehead’s commitment said about NCAA rules regarding the hiring of a prospect’s coaches or family members. Glockner focused on the NCAA’s general rule, Bylaw, which […]

Consistency, Fairness, and Transparency in NCAA Waivers

The NCAA is known as both an uncaring bureaucracy and an organization which simply makes up rules as it goes along. Any organization trying to wrangle the activities of over 1,000 members and hundreds of thousands of individuals at those institutions is bound to grow the large rulebooks and many committees and departments that make […]

NCAA Needs to Empower Trainers Against Coaches

Brad Wolverton’s investigative piece on trainers who have to fight with coaches (who may be the trainer’s boss) over medical decisions is a must read. In general, it is yet another example of the tightrope college athletics administrators feel they must walk. Stay too distant and you risk not working effectively with a successful coach […]

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Proposal 2010-26 and Amateurism

The recently concluded Johnny Manziel affair shone light on the NCAA’s strict yet also confusing rules about how different people or organizations can use a student-athlete’s name or likeness. Athletes are not permitted to profit off their name or likeness. The university can use athletes in some types of promotions and commercial items, but not […]

Johnny Manziel and the Olympic Model

When the Summer of Johnny Football was about Johnny Manziel’s personal behavior, talk of lasting implications was mostly confined to self-righteous columns about “kids these days”. Now that possible NCAA violations have been added to the mix, those questions are coming thick and fast. Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel sees the natural evolution to the “open […]

Stanford’s David Shaw Gets All Twisted on Stipend Issue

At Pac-12 Media Days in Los Angeles, Stanford head football coach David Shaw was asked about “stipends”. Stipends is in quotes because even after Shaw spoke passionately against “stipends”, I’m still not sure what he is for or against: “If the NCAA does pass this rule, we will comply, but my big comment is we’re […]

Basketball Conferences Make Best Partners for Power 5

After some early week fireworks from the commissioners for the Big 12, SEC, and ACC, the Big Ten’s Jim Delany and Pac-12’s Larry Scott have cooled talk of a potential new NCAA division or complete breakaway from the association. The latter portion of the week has seen more focus back on the issues that would […]

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Rewording of UNC Report Adds New Wrinkle to Academic Scandal

Dan Kane of the Raleigh News and Observer has a report that a paragraph in one of UNC’s many investigations into its academic fraud scandal was altered, seemingly with the intent of keeping the NCAA from investigating. This portion: Although we may never know for certain, it was our impression from multiple interviews that the […]

Recruiting Grind is Beyond the NCAA’s Control

There are a lot of things the NCAA could do to tweak the July men’s basketball recruiting period. Nonscholastic recruiting generally has been in a flux for years. And that just counts the rules that have actually been passed. Since the men’s basketball recruiting calendar was overhauled in 2004, there has been a constant stream […]

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