NCAA Legislation

Autonomy Request Includes Some Expansive, Foundational Bylaws

Earlier this week, Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports reported on a document which outlined which rules the power conferences want set aside for autonomous decision making. The request starts with well-worn territory: cost-of-attendance scholarships, lifetime education grants, and providing more food to athletes. It moves onto things like reducing time demands on athletes, limiting staff […]

NCAA Steering Committee Adds Details to Governance Overhaul

The steering committee focused on creating a new Division I governance model released a number of key details that are being considered before the April 24th Board of Directors meeting where the board hopes to forward the model to the membership. The new additions flesh out key questions like the representation of student-athletes on the […]

ACC, Big 12 Behind Movement to Loosen Restrictions on Conference Title Games

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports: The ACC has submitted NCAA legislation that would “deregulate” football conference championship games sources told The intent is to allow leagues their preference in how to determine their conference champion. It would theoretically eliminate the need – per NCAA rules – to split into divisions with the division winners […]

NCAA Proposes Alternative CPR Rule

As part of the NCAA’s health and safety package in the current legislative cycle, the NCAA’s Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports had proposed requiring all full-time head coaches to carry a current certification in first aid, CPR, and AED use. That proposal was not adopted at the NCAA Convention in January, […]

Adding Early Football Signing Period More Complicated Than It Seems

ESPN’s Mitch Sherman on the possibility of an early signing period in football: Susan Peal, NCAA associate director of operations, said the continued acceleration of recruiting has led the Conference Commissioners Association to consider an earlier date to supplement the long-existing date in February, similar to the structure for basketball and other sports. “I think […]

NCAA Considering “Dead Periods” for Student-Athletes

The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker: The NCAA may need to mandate new “dead periods” to rein in the time demands on college athletes that increasingly pull them away from the classroom, NCAA president Mark Emmert said Wednesday. “One of the things that’s being very actively discussed right now is the creation — it would have […]

NCAA Issues Interps on Medical Hardship Waivers, Facility Use, and Foreign Tours

On Friday, February 28, 2014, the NCAA issued three staff interpretations on various topics. One impacts how eligibility for a medical hardship waiver (“medical redshirt”) is calculated. Another limits who can assist with an outside team’s use of facilities if prospects are involved. And a third loosens one of the restrictions on foreign tours. To […]

Could Concussion Research Impact NCAA Academic Rules

Concussions are one of two major questions facing the NCAA, perhaps an even larger threat than the arguments for employment, unionization, and professionalization of college athletes. The debate over whether to regulate the management of concussions is currently being fought in the courts. Player safety has becoming a highly charged and politicized issue and will […]

The Missing Link Between Football Substitutions and Player Safety

In the firestorm that has erupted after the NCAA’s Football Rules Committee proposed banning snaps in the first 10 seconds of the play clock outside the last two minutes of each half, there is almost an odd consensus being reached on one issue: “There’s absolutely zero evidence, documented evidence, that is hazardous on the pace […]

Explaining SnapChat in Recruiting

Two days ago the NCAA published an Educational Column on social media in recruiting. The most fascinating part was the NCAA’s Q&A regarding how coaches could mention high schools and coaches of prospective student-athletes on Twitter. But most attention was paid to the mention of a specific company: In basketball and men’s ice hockey, any […]

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