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How the NCAA May Approach Real Basketball Moms of Kentucky

Nate Taylor of the New York Times took a look at the lengths some parents will go in order to get their children a basketball scholarship. This article includes this bit that has downright frightened many people who follow college sports and recruiting: Overaggressive parents hollering from the stands have become a cliché of American […]

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Fixing the Delayed Enrollment Rules

Twice this year, the NCAA has suffered public relations damage because of its delayed enrollment rules. Earlier this year, Steven Rhodes was initially going to sit out the 2013 football season because of some intramural games he played while serving in the Marines. Now, Nathan Harries was in line to lose a season of eligibility for a […]

NCAA Draft Rules Should Allow Room for the Best Decisions

When it comes to the NCAA’s relationship with professional leagues, many of the problems are thrust upon it. Were it not for age limits and the lack of developmentally-focused minor leagues, the contention that the NCAA is just one path of many for prospects to get the pros would have more weight. But some problems […]

NCAA Hints At New Stance on Abuse and Mental Health in Waiver Decisions

It will be hard for the NCAA to completely escape the subjectivity of waivers. A waiver means giving an athlete an exception to a rule. It means deciding that an athlete’s situation does not fit a rule that should apply to everyone. That normally requires taking into account subjective details while also making what was […]

Miami Report Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Back away from the Miami case, take the 30,000 foot view of it, and in a way it wraps up pretty neatly. Miami was accused of very significant violations. The NCAA proved many of them, but misconduct by the investigators prevented the case from expanding any further and may have limited which accusations the NCAA was […]

Drake Group Proposes Sweeping Federal Regulation of NCAA

If the Drake Group, one of a few groups who push for NCAA reform from the academic side, has its way, the federal government could become heavily involved in the regulation of the association. The group is drafting a wide-ranging law which would transform college athletics, possibly more so than even a complete victory by […]

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Confusion Over Stipends Could Be Disastrous for NCAA

When people who do not work in college athletics get things wrong about the NCAA, it is significant, but not that damaging. There are plenty of age old misunderstandings about NCAA rules, like athletes being limited in how much they can earn in a job, that would be better if they were cleared up. But […]

Obsession with Baseball Model Has to End

It should not be surprising that college athletics leaders are some of the most vocal proponents of fixing not just the NCAA but also professional leaders. Even if it is pure self interest, framing the problem as beyond just what the NCAA’s rules are is correct. The NCAA might be the 800-pound gorilla when it […]

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Graham, Hamilton Cases Muddy NCAA’s Relationship with NLI

Update, 10/3: The NLI office has released a statement with corrections to some of the information in this post. See the changes below as well as some additional commentary at the end. As this summer comes to a close, stories about the National Letter of Intent and prospects being less than enthused about sticking to […]

Delany’s Comments Show Hard Questions Not Being Asked

Jim Delany’s comments at the Big Ten headquarters were described by George Schroeder as a “dramatic expansion” of the theme of more autonomy for the largest schools. But his comments mostly included more of the limited results that the major conferences are seeking out of NCAA governance changes. The substantive changes to the rules are […]

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