Spring Football Highlights D3 Proposals

Division III has the most ambitious legislative agenda of the three divisions at the current moment. Like Division II, most of the proposals are focused on playing and practice season rules. But while D2 is mostly tweaking, D3 has two major changes. One would cut the number of contests in most Division III sports while […]

Playing and Practice Seasons Dominate D2 Legislative Agenda

Division II released its Initial Publication of Proposed Legislation (IPOPL) last week. Like Division I’s, the Division II legislative agenda is short and focused. As of now D2 will take up four proposals at the 2015 NCAA Convention and all of them involving playing and practice seasons to some degree. Also interesting compared to Division […]

Schools May Not Need SAF to Pay for Insurance

Oregon joined Texas A&M, Florida State and Baylor as schools paying the premiums for disability/loss-of-value insurance for athletes. Wisconsin is also rumored to have joined this club as well. As more schools realize this is possible, more athletes will be aware that they could get such insurance and as some people have pointed out, the […]

Notre Dame Reports Potential Academic Violation to NCAA

Today Notre Dame confirmed that it was investigating potential academic misconduct involving four football players: Evidence that students had submitted papers and homework that had been written for them by others was initially detected at the end of the summer session, and referred to the compliance office in athletics on July 29. The Office of […]

Proposed Legislation for Division I Highlighted by Championships and Drug Testing

Depending on who you ask, August 15ths prior to 2011 were either the good ol’ days or the bad ol’ days. On August 15th, the Division I Publication of Proposed Legislation is due. Prior to 2011 and the Presidential Retreat, it was hundreds of pages long and included 80–100 different proposals that ranged from important […]

Division III Proposes Cutting Number of Games

The Division III Presidents Council has voted to sponsor legislation which would cut the number of contests in most Division III sports, some by more than 10%. Aside from football and cross country, all Division III teams could see the maximum number of competitions cut by one to four dates of competition or contests. The […]

SMU Golf Coach Resigns Over Alleged Recruiting Violations

http://Alma College Sports Recruiting.Josh Gregory, SMU’s head men’s golf coach and winner of two national championships as head coach at Augusta State, resigned on Friday from his job at his alma mater. The reason, according to Golfweek, is NCAA recruiting violations: Among the alleged violations were impermissible text messages sent to recruits, in violation of […]

Wide Variance in COA Calculations with No Good Solution for Power Conferences

Yesterday I explained how the judge’s injunction in O’Bannon simplified the cost-of-attendance debate by making many of the alternatives illegal. Under the injunction there can be no need-based cost-of-attendance stipend nor can the NCAA and its members agree on the value of certain elements of COA. The judge required COA to be calculated: As defined […]

Will Transfers and Early Draft Entrees Lose Out Under O’Bannon?

As fascinating as the 99-page ruling in O’Bannon is, for the immediate purposes of the judgment the two-page injunction order is much more significant. Yesterday I looked at how the injunction essentially solves the cost of attendance debate (much more on that soon). There is also an interesting wrinkle in the deferred compensation portion of […]

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O’Bannon Case Clears Up Cost of Attendance Debate

The O’Bannon decision may not have a major impact in college athletics for a couple years and if it stands as is, may not have a major impact by itself at all. But it will do one thing immediately. It will make the debate over cost-of-attendance scholarships very easy. The decision prevents the NCAA from […]

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