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Lessons From the UCF Infractions Case

Because of the Penn State scandal, we seem to have forgotten about some of the other cases working their way through the normal NCAA channels. The University of Miami is still being investigated. North Carolina might be back in front of the Committee on Infractions as a possible academic fraud scandal gets deeper and deeper […]

The NCAA Rules that Will Help Penn State

By now, most commentators have started to move on to discussing just how bad the NCAA’s sanctions will leave the Penn State football program over the next few years. The worst case scenario, remote though possible, is that attrition over the next year or so leaves Penn State with so few football scholarship players that […]

How Mark Emmert Punished Penn State

Much ink and more pixels will be spilled about the punishments Penn State received and how they affect the football team going forward. That’s because those penalties are severe. If they are not the most severe penalties in the history of the Association, they are at least on par with the schools who have received […]

A Fate Worse Than Death

So much of the debate over whether and how the NCAA could punish Penn State has focused on areas of the NCAA Manual like Bylaw 10.1, Bylaw 2, and Bylaw 19. But there’s another place Penn State might need to worry about should the NCAA decide to follow through on investigating the athletic department. It’s […]

The NCAA’s Lose-Lose Situation With Penn State

After Jerry Sandusky’s conviction, eyes have turned to Penn State and what responsibility the institution has. There are no shortage of investigations into the scandal Penn State Scandal. Investigations of the Penn State Scandal •    Penn State’s own internal investigation •    Criminal prosecutions of Penn State administrators •    A federal investigation out of the US […]

UConn Transfer Michael Bradley’s Bogus Journey

It’s been an eventful two years for former UConn forward Michael Bradley. After reportedly giving up his scholarship for Andre Drummond, but then not really, Bradley missed the 2011–12 season with an injury. After red-shirting for two straight years at UConn, Bradley left for Western Kentucky. He enrolled in summer school, hoping to get a […]

How Boise State Won Its Appeal (for Now)

Boise State pulled off one of the more impossible feats in college athletics. The Broncos did not complete a string of national championships, go undefeated, or set a record winning streak. All of those are easy compared to getting any sort of victory in an appeal of a major violation. Not only did Boise State […]

Roscoe Smith’s Case Not Quite So Clear

Everything says Roscoe Smith, who transferred from UConn to UNLV, should not get a waiver to play immediately this year. The case seems so open and shut that UConn is unhappy the waiver was even filed and would be furious if it was granted. But UNLV has an argument and it is one so good […]

What a College Football Playoff Needs From the NCAA

Everyone seems to agree major college football playoff is close to inevitable at this point. The discussions are happening outside of the normal NCAA structure though, since the NCAA does not run, but merely licenses the postseason in the Football Bowl Subdivision. That does not mean the NCAA is completely out of the loop. Eventually, […]

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