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NCAA Rule Changes Will Increase Signing Day Hoopla

Signing Day is a week away, so we are likely to get the annual flood of articles and blog posts arguing about the spectacle. Some will say Signing Day and the attention lavished on recruits who have done nothing in college is another moral failing of modern American society. Others will counter that it is […]

NCAA Has Clear Reason to Investigate UNC

For a long time, I’ve been bearish on the likelihood of the NCAA punishing the University of North Carolina for bogus/no-show classes involving student-athletes for a couple of reasons. First, almost the exact same behavior at Michigan and Auburn never lead to any NCAA violations or penalties. And second, the NCAA membership defeated a proposal […]

NCAA Miami Problems Show Need for Federal Takeover

There’s an old saying that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is a trend. When information about the Shabazz Muhammad Investigation slipped out through an investigator’s boyfriend, that could be written off as one of those things that just happen. Not even CIA agents keep everything from their spouses. And the information coming […]

Where the Penalties Against Frank Haith Could Lead

It seems like the countdown clock to the firings of Missouri head men’s basketball coach Frank Haith and a number of former Miami football and basketball assistants who are about to be charged with a variety of violations has already started. Both Jeff Goodman and Bruce Feldman of reported that the former Miami coaches […]

One Proposal Left Behind

On Saturday the NCAA Division I Board of Directors passed 25 proposals that deregulated a number of areas including staff responsibilities, expenses for competition, recruiting phone calls and text messages in addition to a smattering of other rules. All told most of these rules were low-hanging fruit, frustrations that many coaches, administrators, athletes and prospects […]

Breaking Down the NCAA’s First Steps Toward Deregulation

On January 19, 2013, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors will meet at the NCAA Convention. It should be a significant day in NCAA history. The board will likely adopt 26 proposals that represent the most sweeping deregulation of NCAA rules ever attempted in a single stroke. The proposals touch on staffing, off-campus recruiting, […]

Speculating on Mark Emmert’s New Stipend Proposal

Jeremy Fowler of spoke with NCAA President Mark Emmert regarding the NCAA’s next stab at a proposal to increase the amount of athletic financial aid. Last year around this time, the proposal to simply provide $2,000 more to full scholarship student-athletes was soundly rejected by the membership with over 160 override requests. That sent […]

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The 3rd Annual New Year, New NCAA Rules Post

For the past two years, on December 31st I have posted a set of new NCAA rules for the New Year. The other two editions can be found on the NCAA’s website. Each year I’ve selected one rule to change from each of the NCAA’s main operating bylaws. These are not big, major rule changes. […]

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Death of the Big East Has Big Consequences for NCAA

The NCAA would have a number of options of how to handle the death of the Big East and/or WAC as FBS conferences. But as we will see, all of those options lead to the same result: more power for the have-nots. 1. Big East/WAC or Successor Keeps the Votes If the Big East and […]

For-Profit GCU’s Winding Path to Division I

For all the crazy moves seen during the current stretch of conference realignment, the most controversial has been Grand Canyon University’sjump from Division II to Division I and the Western Athletic Conference. Should GCU successfully navigate the Division I membership process, it will become the first for-profit college in Division I. That has raised the […]

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