Getting Recruited as an International Student Athlete

One of the most common recruiting questions is, can I get recruited as an international athlete? The answer is yes. Coaches offer scholarships to international athletes quite often. But what do you have to do to get recruited as an international student athlete? You must be diligent and proactive in contacting coaches. Coaches will not discover you […]

NCAA Rules: Contacting College Coaches

We have had some good conversations over on the Athnet Facebook page about when an athlete is allowed to contact college coaches, so we thought to expand our answers here. We scoured the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rule books to come up with a comprehensive list of when you can expect coaches to be calling […]

NCAA Academic Eligibility: Make Academics a Habit Before High School

Parents of athletes are always hearing about how important grades and grade point average are when their child plans to attend college. And it’s true; academics are the most important part of a high school student’s profile. Just as important, parents should be involved in their school curriculum and know what is expected of them. […]

How to Work with Your Child’s Coach

High school coaches work hard to see that their athletes succeed, both in the game and in life. They encourage growth and development as a player, as a student, and as a member of the community. Hence, it’s really important to use your coach as a resource when you start the recruiting process. Don’t Rely […]

How to Pick the Right Athletic Scholarship Opportunity

The key to having a successful recruiting process is to be organized and to have a plan. The fundamentals of any good college recruiting experience are to have a list of schools you are interested in. This list of schools should start with approximately 30–50 schools and be divided into two categories: (1) your dream […]

5 Reasons to Start College Recruiting Earlier Than You Think

The college recruiting process should begin much earlier than most families are aware of. It seems as though the recruits that coaches are looking at are getting younger and younger. In order for you not to lose any ground in your recruiting process, make sure you are familiar with everything you need to know for your […]

4 College Recruiting Considerations When Choosing a High School

Did you know that finding the right high school for your kid is just as important as finding the right college? The high school that your student ends up attending can have a direct impact on their ability to get admitted and succeed in college. There are several things to consider when looking into high […]

2 Ways to Lose Your Athletic Scholarship as a Freshman or Sophomore

If you are looking for an athletic scholarship to pay for college you have to maintain your academic eligibility. The process of becoming academically eligible starts as early as freshman year of high school. While you won’t need to register for the NCAA Eligibility Center until your junior year, the classes that a high school […]

5 Facts About Full-Ride Scholarships

One of the biggest draws to being a college athlete is the promise of an athletic scholarship. Whether it is a football scholarship, basketball scholarship, baseball scholarship, or volleyball scholarship, getting your education paid for by being an athlete is a great opportunity. Scholarships should be seen as a means to acquire a university education, […]

Head Count Sports vs. Equivalency Sports: Which One do you Play?

The availability of athletic scholarships in college may have a lot to do with which sport you play. The NCAA puts their sanctioned sports into two categories: head-count sports and equivalency sports. Head-Count Sports Scholarships within head-count sports are restricted by a set number, and they are all full scholarships. Hence, if a sport offers […]

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