Scholarships by the Numbers

Multiyear Scholarships: Why it May Affect You Differently Than You Think

When athletes think about the possibility of a multi-year scholarship, they typically think about the safety of not needing their scholarship renewed annually. However, the new ruling may affect athletes in a more negative way than many of them think. A Brief Background of the New Ruling The decision to allow NCAA Division I schools […]

Cross Country Scholarships by the Numbers

There are more opportunities to run cross country at the college level than almost any other college sport. With so many programs, finding an opportunity to run in college and earn a scholarship comes down to looking at schools you did not initially consider. Use our graphic as a guide for finding programs different programs. […]

College Soccer Scholarships by the Numbers

The recruiting process for college soccer is going to be experiencing significant changes as the elite club teams seek to identify the top recruits as freshman in high school. This means it will be even more critical that you contact coaches on your own. If you are not contacting coaches before they can contact you, […]

College Volleyball Scholarships by the Numbers

Volleyball is one of the best athletic scholarship opportunities for women athletes. If you are seeking a college to play for, it is up to you to reach out to coaches and find the programs that are the right fit for you. The majority of the college volleyball coaches rely on athletes to contact them […]

College Track and Field Scholarships by the Numbers

Track and Field should be straight forward when it comes to college recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. Either you are fast enough, jump high enough or throw far enough. However, every year thousands of recruits miss out on scholarship opportunities because they do not know where to look. Check out our newest graphic and […]

College Baseball Scholarship by the Numbers

Continuing with our series of scholarships by the numbers here is our graphic on baseball. College baseball is different from most other college sports because college coaches and professional teams are recruiting high school athlete’s at the same time. It is not uncommon for the major baseball powerhouse schools to lose a star recruit who […]

College Basketball Scholarships by the Numbers

Next in our series of infographics is Basketball Scholarships by the Numbers. Here, you can see the number of scholarships offered at each division level, how many programs there are and in what regions programs are in. If you are interested in playing college basketball and finding a basketball scholarship, it is crucial you familiarize yourself how many scholarship there are and where they are available. There […]

College Tennis Scholarships by the Numbers

Finding the opportunity to play college tennis and get a tennis scholarship, like most college athletics, is an extremely competitive process. It is an international competition and preparing early for your recruitment will no doubt give you the advantage needed to be successful. If you have the passion, dedication and drive to play tennis at […]

Head Count Sports vs. Equivalency Sports: Which One do you Play?

The availability of athletic scholarships in college may have a lot to do with which sport you play. The NCAA puts their sanctioned sports into two categories: head-count sports and equivalency sports. Head-Count Sports Scholarships within head-count sports are restricted by a set number, and they are all full scholarships. Hence, if a sport offers […]

College Football Scholarships By The Numbers

College football scholarships can be a great way to earn money for college, but they aren’t the only source of financial aid. Check out our award winning graphic below and learn more about where the real scholarship opportunities are.   Football Scholarships Aren’t the Only Way to Get Money For College Football scholarships are seen […]

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