Beginning your Recruitment

4 Ways To Make Your College Recruitment Happen

You can think there is going to be an easy way to get college scouts to see you, but if you realize early that there isn’t a magic button you will be better prepared. So stop searching the internet hoping to find a way to get coaches and scouts attention, when you’ve done nothing to spike their interest in […]

Top College Coaches and Tips on College Recruiting

Potential college recruits shouldn’t look at recruiting as something that they can put in a little effort a couple of times a year and still expect to receive the scholarship offer of their dreams. It’s something that no matter what time of the year it is, you are always doing a little bit of work […]

Can You Handle the Life of a College Athlete?

No one can prepare you to play college sports. With that said, will you be ready to become a college athlete knowing your college experience will be unlike that of the rest of the student-body population? It’s Important For Potential College Recruits to Get a Sense of College Living Before Heading off to School The […]

One Recruit’s Incredible Feat Matched By Another Recruit

College recruiting is simple, right? Play well in your sport and coaches and scouts from all the top schools will find you; all you have to do is pick the best offer and sign on the dotted line. Think again. No matter how good of an athlete you are, there’s someone else out there just […]

Make Sure You Know The New NCAA Eligibility Standards

In just a few weeks, a brand new group of high school students will start both their athletic and academic careers. Because of the way a bunch of rules in Division I combine together, the start of high school is extremely important. Once a student starts the ninth grade, they have 10 years and must […]

Seven Strategies College Coaches Use to Find Players

One of the most common questions we answer for potential student-athletes is “How will coaches find me?” This sounds like it should be a straight forward answer, but unfortunately it is not. It is our job to explain to recruits that there is no set formula college coaches use to find you. College recruits and […]

Learn How to Choose the Right College for You

Knowing which college campus is a good fit for you is a major part of the recruiting process. You never know how much you will like a college until you have seen it first.  We often hear from recruits who have changed their mind about a college they had no plans of attending just because […]

Save Money by Beating the Eligibility Center Fee Increase

Starting on September 1, 2012, the fees for registering with the Eligibility Center will increase. Domestic prospects will pay $70 (up $5) while international prospects will see a bigger increase, from $95 to $120. This has prospects wondering whether they should register right away. The increase is small, especially for domestic prospects, but every little […]

Using APR as a Prospect, Part 2

Once you have an understanding about how the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR is calculated, you can better understand what an APR score is when you dig into it, and what it tells you about the past and present situation at a school. Figuring out the APR Situation Start by looking up a school’s multi-year […]

Looking for a Scholarship? Start Here!

Before you do anything in recruiting, you will need to evaluate and research the schools that you are interested in attending. This does not just mean put together a quick list of the top ranked schools because you like their mascots- it means truly learn what institutions offer you the best opportunities. First Look at […]

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