Beginning your Recruitment

Using APR as a Prospect, Part 1 of 2

One of the major successes of the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR, has been just how much the APR is talked about. Coaches obsess over it, fans follow it, and current student-athletes can be affected by it. Less discussed is how the APR affects recruits. Luckily, prospects are in a great position to do something […]

Are You Better Off Playing One or More Sports? (Part 1)

Many high school students are shifting from being multiple-sport athletes to single-sport athletes. But are athletes making these decisions based on the right information? What are the driving factors behind the movement? Most importantly, are athletes’ best interests kept in mind? The Right Factors to Consider Are you playing a sport because it makes you […]

Secrets to Finding Colleges that Offer Scholarships in Your Sport

Researching colleges is an essential part of the recruiting process—it will help you find all the information about the things a college has to offer, including academics, majors, athletic programs, and financial aid opportunities. There Are No Shortcuts If you are looking to find the easy way to get an athletic scholarship, you need to […]

When Should You Start The College Recruiting Process?

One of the most popular questions we get at Athnet is “When should I start the recruiting process?” The answer is: usually a lot earlier than you think. Too often athletes wait until their senior year or even halfway through their senior year to start the recruiting process. This is too late. Yes, you may be able […]

The First 3 Steps To Recruiting If You Haven’t Started Yet

Taking the first step and actually starting your college recruitment is definitely the hardest part of the process. The majority of student athletes are not sure where to begin, so they put off understanding the process and never fully pursue the goal because they think they will never make it. Don’t wait around to get […]

4 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Recruiting Process

College recruiting can be an intense process. Many student-athletes don’t realize the time and effort they will have to put into the process before seeing the results they want. Some still believe that coaches will find them and don’t do anything to increase their chances of gaining exposure. The truth is that recruiting is work, […]

5 Things Each Year to Get Recruited

Ninth Grade This is your first year of high school- your time to jump in and get your feet wet. This will mark the beginning of documenting your athleticism and academics to later show to college coaches. Keep track of your highs: your high scores/ stats, your high tournament placements, and your high grades. These […]

Don’t Let the College Recruiting Process Take Over

The college recruiting process is complicated and can be overwhelming for many families. There are schools to research, coaches to contact, profiles to be built, videos to be edited, and much more. And this is on top of your student athlete’s schedule and responsibilities. To be successful in athletic recruiting, you need to be organized and have […]

College Recruiting: Why Character Means More Than a 40 Yard Dash

High school athletes are led to believe that their stats and athletic achievements are the only things that college coaches look for when recruiting athletes. They couldn’t be more wrong. In addition to athletics, coaches also want to see a dedicated student and, most importantly, strong character. Students who successfully participate in sports are usually well-rounded individuals. […]

NCAA Academic Eligibility: Make Academics a Habit Before High School

Parents of athletes are always hearing about how important grades and grade point average are when their child plans to attend college. And it’s true; academics are the most important part of a high school student’s profile. Just as important, parents should be involved in their school curriculum and know what is expected of them. […]

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