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Can You Handle the Life of a College Athlete?

No one can prepare you to play college sports. With that said, will you be ready to become a college athlete knowing your college experience will be unlike that of the rest of the student-body population?

It’s Important For Potential College Recruits to Get a Sense of College Living Before Heading off to School

The hardest part to prepare athletes for is what comes after they have signed and are committed to a college. Ask any freshman college athlete if they thought their freshman year at college is what they had expected as a high school athlete. The answers will be surprising; most freshmen are not as prepared as they hoped they would be once they settle into college life. They are too busy shuffling from class to practice to studying, then back to training and more class before having some time to sleep, before having to start the whole process over again.

It’s Always  a Good Idea to Prepare

If you are going to be noticed in your recruitment you need to be doing things that will get you noticed. Being a prepared athlete will be a sure way to get college coaches attention and show them you will be more than ready when it comes to college life.

Why College Coaches Will Take Notice

Current high school athletes managing to participate in 2- 3 sports, along with keeping  GPA in the above-average range, plus participating in other clubs and extra-curricular activities will help to get them noticed. If you think this is just how you function and it’s nothing special, then that’s all the more reason to tell coaches you are doing all you can to prepare for being a college athlete.

College coaches are well aware of the pressure being a college athlete entails. They know student-athletes are stretched too thin and have to manage a very strict schedule, which is why when they see student-athletes doing things to prepare for college life, they will take notice.

There is no question, making the transition to college sports will be tough for any athlete, so make sure you have done what you can to prepare and have success in your collegiate career.

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