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Learn How to Choose the Right College for You

Knowing which college campus is a good fit for you is a major part of the recruiting process. You never know how much you will like a college until you have seen it first.  We often hear from recruits who have changed their mind about a college they had no plans of attending just because they took the time to visit the campus. Choose the Right College by Visiting Colleges

Only You Will Know Where You Will Fit In

Having the opportunity to visit a campus is one of the best things a recruit can do when narrowing down their college choices. It is one thing to be active in your recruitment and know everything about a college according to their website, but it’s another to actually take the time to visit and really learn all you can.

It’s Not Just About Seeing the Campus in Person

The purpose of visiting a college campus is to get in touch with coaches. Even though you will most likely be making the rounds and taking a general campus tour, it does not mean you should pass up an opportunity to meet face to face with the coach. If a coach is aware you will be on campus, they will view you as a recruit who is taking initiative. In making the trip, it shows college coaches how interested and serious you are in attending their school.

Get All Your Scheduling Done Before Hand

Ideally, you and your family should work around the coach’s schedule so you can have that face-to-face introduction. Of course, this is not always how things will turn out, which is why recruiting takes a lot of time and a lot of planning. You need to also keep in mind coaches and their staffs are busy; they personally may not be able to meet with you due to prior commitments. This is OK; ask to meet with a representative of the athletic department to ensure you are getting up to date and relevant information about your sport. Making sure to schedule the meeting or tour with a sports representative will be instrumental for your recruitment.

Asking Questions that Are Important to You

Everyone has their own opinion about what is important to them. Choosing the right college is all about learning as much about a school as you can and choosing what aspects are most important to you. Some athletes will believe having a state of the art training facility will make their college experience, while others will want to be part of a college with lots of school spirit. Whatever you are looking for in a college you will know it when you are there.

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