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College Athletes Earn $1 Million More Over Their Lifetime

There has been a lot of talk about how full-ride scholarships are not covering the full costs of tuition. There are two sides to the argument. One side thinks full-scholarship athletes should get more money to offset the costs of attending school and others say that the current full-ride scholarships are more than adequate. There are strong arguments on both sides about why athletes should get more and why current scholarships are enough.

A Good Education Benefits College Athletes in the Long Run

It is noteworthy in these discussions to stay focused on the fact that a college education is still the single best thing you can do to improve your earning potential over your lifetime.

With the costs of tuition climbing every semester and the number of students going further and further into debt each year, the opportunity to get a college education for close to free and earn almost $1 million more over your lifetime still seems worth it.

The real argument raised by those who believe athletes should get more money is that they feel universities are profiting off of an athlete’s likeness. These organizations feel the athletes are entitled to more of that money. Whether you believe that or not, the NCAA has decided to suspend the additional $2,000 in addition to full-ride scholarships until it can be better reviewed for all colleges.

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College Athlete Earnings Over Lifetime

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