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Why You Need Good Questions to Ask a College Coach on Recruiting

Asking well-informed and thought out questions will help you get recruited.

Too often we see athletes take the wrong approach to contacting a college coach. If you plan on becoming a serious candidate for an athletic scholarship, then when you contact a college coach you must have good questions to ask them on recruiting.

Picking The Right Questions to Ask a College Coach Will Help Show Your Interest

Asking generic questions that you could easily answer with a little bit of research won’t show a coach you are serious. In fact, it may even lead him to believe you aren’t really that interested in his school and you are just going through the motions hoping for any offer that comes your way. That’s not the way to find a scholarship.

Show them you are interested by learning more about their programs and finding questions to ask college coaches that portray your interest. If you sound well informed about a program when you start talking to a coach, he will think that you have taken the time to do some research, which will make him more likely to engage you in a conversation and begin to recruit you.

Developing Your Relationships with College Coaches Helps with Recruiting

And how do you develop your relationship? Find the right questions to ask a college coach on recruiting, their school, and their athletic program. They will naturally ask you some questions about your playing history, grades, and athletic ability; it’s your job to learn more about their program and understand if it’s the right fit for you. Once you begin communicating with a coach frequently, hopefully you will see your relationship start to flourish.

Asking a College Coach the Right Questions Can Lead To a Scholarship

As you continue your communication with coaches, asking them the right questions can lead to the scholarship offer you have been looking for. Receiving a scholarship is all about finding the right match for both you and the program. Asking a college coach the right questions will help you determine which school best fits your needs.

So, What are Some Good Questions to Ask a College Coach on Recruiting?

When asking about their program, it’s best to frame each question to a college coach with as much information about that particular university or sports team as possible. For example, if you are talking to a Syracuse Basketball coach: asking “What kind of athletes do you look for to play in your 2-3 zone” is better than saying “what kind of athletes do you recruit.” Syracuse is notorious for playing a 2-3 zone defense, and be adding that to your question it shows that you have been paying attention to Syracuse’s basketball team.

Here are some generic example questions. Do some research on each program that interests you to expand on these questions and come up with some great ones on your own:

• What kind of academic support system does your school offer athletes?
• How many other athletes are you recruiting at my position?
• How do athletes at your school split their time between training and academics?
• Do you think I meet the admissions requirements to your school?
• Where do I fit on your recruiting board?
• Are there any academic scholarships or grants that I qualify for?
• Do you have any camps, tournaments or showcases you recommend I attend?
• What is the best way to update you on my progress?
• What does it take to earn a scholarship with your program?
• When would be a good time for me to visit your school?

These are just some examples. Make your questions as personalized as possible for each coach. If you have any questions about how to do that simply ask us in the comments section below, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+!

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