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Swimming in College: The Fastest Way to Contact College Coaches

College Swimming

Up and coming swimmers and divers might be under the impression that if you post good times and scores, then you will have no problems getting college swimming and diving coaches attention.  This will always be true for top recruits, but if you aren’t, then you need to go about your recruitment a little differently.  For starters, college coaches are going to need to know who you are and what you will be able to offer their team.

To be considered a serious swimming or diving recruit, you need to be putting in the time to locate the right college and make contact with college coaches.

College Swimming and Diving by the Numbers

Swimming and diving scholarship are awarded at the NCAA division I, division II, NAIA and at some 2-year NJCAA colleges. Here’s the total number of programs for ALL the collegiate division levels:

  • Total number of Men’s college swimming and diving programs: 462
  • Total number of Women’s college swimming and diving programs: 581

Most programs are combined swimming and diving, although you should not assume all teams offer diving. Always double check on team athletic website to be sure.

Swimming in College

Start by learning all you can about college swimming and diving programs. The more familiar you are with college swimming programs the better prepared you will be to speak with college coaches and in making your final college choice.

Knowing what to do with this information is your next step in recruiting.  Try learning as much as you can about the teams you are truly interested in competing for. Ask advice from your current coaches to see what college division level they would recommend you try to compete for. If you are still unsure about which division level will be your best match, then click here to see average college times in each event.

Finding the Right Swimming and Diving College Team

If you want to see all the swimming and diving colleges, then you need to create a free account on our coach’s database. The database will provide you with information on all schools with swimming and diving teams plus it provides you with the coach’s contact information and direct links to the swim team questionnaires and the team’s official webpage.

Scholarships for Swimming and Diving

Top college coaches are looking for elite swimmers and divers who’ve qualified and finished strong at national meets and competitions, but they also want to recruit athletes who are solid students. Earning a spot on a college swimming and diving team is all about starting your recruitment early and knowing where to look. If you are a swimmer or diver looking to only compete at the NCAA level, then you may be limiting yourself, especially with all the other opportunities out there.  Do your best when it comes to researching colleges and meeting with college coaches. This will be your decision so make sure you find the best college to fit all your needs.

More Swimming and Diving Recruiting Tips:

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