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College Soccer Showcases: Where to Find Them and Why They Are Beneficial to Your Recruitment

Soccer Showcases are intended to help boost a player’s recruitment. Showcases give recruits time to play and be evaluated by college coaches. Keep in mind that earning a spot on a college team takes a lot of work; attending one showcase will not be your golden ticket to landing on a college team, but it will definitely help your chances.

Looking for College Soccer Showcases

Not all college soccer showcases are created equal. If you are part of a club or academy team ask your coaches for advice. Typically competitive development academies participate in national tournaments where they will be seen by college coaches. Having these connections will assist you during your recruitment where you will be able to learn about future camps and showcases.

Doing a simple Google search for college soccer showcases will also land you some useful resources especially if you are looking to attend showcases near you. and have great sites with information about upcoming clinics and showcases where college coaches will be in attendance. These sites are easy to use and allow athletes to search by state or region for all upcoming events.

When is the Best Time to Search for College Soccer Showcases?

Start searching for appropriate showcases during your freshman and sophomore year. If you have been researching colleges make sure you check to see if the head coach or assistant coach will be making appearances at any upcoming showcases.

Another reason you should be starting your search early for showcases is because of the competition. High quality showcases that attract top college coaches are going to be sought after by TONS of soccer recruits; recruits who are looking for a chance to get noticed and play in front of college coaches. Take some time to check when showcase registration dates will be open. Some showcases open up their registration up to six months in advance and have a first-come-first-serve policy.

Taking the time to locate the right college soccer showcase can be intense, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for. There are thousands of websites and services trying to sell you on their camp, training session, and showcase so make a point to learn all you can about these companies and find out which will be the best opportunity for you.

The Importance of Attending a College Soccer Showcase

The more chances you have to meet and talk with college coaches the better.  A coach is going to recruit players who they know and have had time to evaluate. Attending a showcase where a college coach who you have been in communication with will be extremely beneficial to you as you move forward in your recruitment. Coaches are going to want to continue to talk with players they see potential in, ones they have had a chance to evaluate and players who are genuinely interested in attending their college.

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