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Finding the Right College Program

Searching for the Right College

Now that you are ready to take your athletic and academic venture to the next level, you need to start your search for the right college and division levels.

Are You Sure that You Want to Play College Sports?

If you have no clue on where to look, then you will have an even harder time getting started. The beginning is always the hardest part, so stop the delay and make sure you are on the right track to getting recruited. Being dedicated to the process and following through on your commitments will lead you in the right recruiting direction.

The Athlete’s Responsibility

As a student athlete, you will be the one doing the work of getting your name out to college coaches. As we have said in our previous postings and videos, college coaches will not know who you are until you make contact with them and introduce yourself.

Division Levels

Be informed of the different division levels and the requirements for each: NCAA (Division I, II or III), NAIA, and NJCAA. Each division and each sport varies on the amount of scholarships they are allotted to give out annually. Knowing this can help you make the best choice in which division level to aim for and will help you narrow your college search.

Determining Your Division Level

Not sure which division you would best be qualified for? Your current coaches should be able to evaluate you as a player and give you suggestions. Attending college summer camps is another way to get feedback directly from the college coaches and players.

Knowing which division level you are going to succeed in will make your recruiting process easier.
If you are a DIII player but are only reaching out to coaches at DI and DII colleges, then guaranteed, you will not be getting the responses you had hoped for. When coaches see that you are not prepared for their level, they will either let you know, or they will not take the time to reply to your initial letter.

What Are You Waiting For?

Start sending out e-mails early. College websites are great resources for you to understand the team and learn about the coach. In some cases, the athletic website will give you a step-by-step listing of what is expected from new recruits. Follow these directions precisely. The earlier you begin to build a relationship with college coaches, the more success you will have later in your recruiting process.

If you have more questions about determining the right division level for you, then leave them in the comments below or connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Google+!

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