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Lacrosse Proves to Help One Football Recruit Get Better

Serious athletes take all aspects of their training into consideration; they are always looking for ways to improve and be the best. You may think that because you are a two-sport athlete that you are doing all the work you need because you are always working out, getting stronger and training. No doubt, being a […]

What an Early Scholarship Offer Really Means

Getting offered a scholarship is one of the most exciting moments for a high school athlete. It means the validation of years of effort, it can be the start of an exciting, if confusing, journey through the recruiting process, and a relief for many athletes and families. When that offer comes as an eighth grader […]

Lessons From a Top 30 Basketball Recruit

When most athletes think about preparing for their college recruitment, they picture themselves working harder in the gym or maybe attending showcases and combines so they can have the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and increase their exposure. Many athletes don’t choose to think about helping their recruitment by putting in more […]

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Simple Steps to Make College Recruiting Easier for You

When you hear the word character brought up in the recruitment process, you probably don’t think much of it. Most recruits believe they are just fine in the character department and would rather dedicate their time to playing and getting their name out there. They don’t understand that having good character traits will help them […]

How to Get a Medical Redshirt

Injuries are a fact of life in sports, but in college they carry extra weight. Serious injuries cause athletes to lose some of the precious time they have competing in college athletics. Time marches on, whether it’s the four seasons an athlete can play, the five-year clock in Division I, or the 10-semester/15-quarter rule in […]

What Separates the Top Athletes in Recruiting?

Competition is the very nature of athletics, so if you go into the recruiting process thinking “I’ll find a scholarship easily, without much work,” you are already starting off with a major disadvantage. You will have to work hard to get in touch with coaches, market your skills and abilities, and ultimately get a coach […]

From Unknown to NCAA to NBA: Lessons from Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has enjoyed quite the ride over the last few years- going from being literally unknown in high school, to an NCAA Champion, to the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. The key breakthrough for Davis came when he tried out for former NFL player Tai Streets’ AAU basketball team, Meanstreets. At the […]

3 Quick Tips to Help You Expand Your College Recruiting

We have said it a million times, but the college recruiting process can confuse athletes who are otherwise qualified to continue to play sports and receive a college education. You may have a basic understanding of what you need to do to get recruited, but you can’t quite get over the hump and attract the […]

The New NCAA Rule Changes May Affect You

Starting on June 15, 2012, the NCAA made significant rule changes for both Men’s Division I Basketball and all Division II sports. Coaches are now allowed to make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages to recruits following June 15th of their sophomore year in high school. Coaches in all Division II sports are also […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Teams

As an athlete you get used to training, practicing, school, and homework all jam-packed into your schedule. You understand there is more to sports than showing up for practice, especially since you want to take your competitiveness to the next level. You put everything you have into your team and understand what’s needed to get […]

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