LA Lakers. Is Jeanie Buss Really Running Things

When will Jeanie Buss start running the Laker front office? The “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers have lost their mojo. The storied organization that has won 16 NBA titles on the broad shoulders of some of the greatest players of all time, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson, has quickly become one of the worst teams in […]

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College Rugby

Intercollegiate rugby is the next big thing Intercollegiate rugby is not just a game played by bearded warriors with impossibly high pain thresholds. It’s now arguably America’s fastest growing sport for both men and women. Participation has been in the rise for years and there are currently 1.2 million Americans playing, including 32,000 participants at […]

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The Difference Between Generic and Serious Interest from a Coach

As a recruit or family it can be difficult to feel like you are making progress in recruiting when coaches send what feel like impersonal emails. People are wise enough to know, generic letters and camp invites don’t constitute serious recruiting interest. When trying to determine if a coach is interested, it is easy to […]

What does it Mean When a Coach Says: Trying to Get You an Offer?

Some of the best advice comes from the questions others families and recruits ask. While no two recruits are the same, there are a lot of common questions and relatable situations that can be applied to your recruiting. In this post I share an excellent question about getting a scholarship offer from a coach. “I […]

NCAA Interp: Institutions Can Pay More Academic Document Costs

Helpful little interp published by the NCAA yesterday: The committee confirmed that an institution may pay expenses (e.g., document fees, express delivery charges) to obtain information or receive documents that are necessary to certify or evaluate the academic standing of a prospective student-athlete (e.g., transcripts, translation of transcripts). The translation of transcripts is the most […]

Timeless Advice on Dealing With College Coaches

Bill Pennington is a writer for the New York Times. Back in 2008 when his children were going through the recruiting process, he wrote many excellent articles detailing the various aspects of recruiting and scholarships. One of my favorite pieces was “Recruits Clamor for More From Coaches With Less.” In it, he interviews several college […]

Triathlon Takes Major Step Toward Becoming Next NCAA Sport

The NCAA’s Committee on Women’s Athletics has recommended all three divisions introduce legislation to make triathlon the next emerging sport for women. If adopted, NCAA triathlon competition would start in the fall of 2014. The recommendation from CWA is for athletes to participate in four to six triathlon meets per year. The competition format would […]

International Students: Look at Junior College for Opportunities in the United States

No matter what country an athlete comes from, international students who want to play at a college in the United States face a task that can feel intimidating. For international athletes, simply getting a coach’s attention tends to require more effort than it would from an equally-skilled American student-athlete. That shouldn’t stop an international looking for […]

Lacrosse Proves to Help One Football Recruit Get Better

Serious athletes take all aspects of their training into consideration; they are always looking for ways to improve and be the best. You may think that because you are a two-sport athlete that you are doing all the work you need because you are always working out, getting stronger and training. No doubt, being a […]

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