College Baseball Scholarship by the Numbers

Continuing with our series of scholarships by the numbers here is our graphic on baseball. College baseball is different from most other college sports because college coaches and professional teams are recruiting high school athlete’s at the same time. It is not uncommon for the major baseball powerhouse schools to lose a star recruit who […]

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College Basketball Scholarships by the Numbers

Next in our series of infographics is Basketball Scholarships by the Numbers. Here, you can see the number of scholarships offered at each division level, how many programs there are and in what regions programs are in. If you are interested in playing college basketball and finding a basketball scholarship, it is crucial you familiarize yourself how many scholarship there are and where they are available. There […]

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The NCAA Censors the Best Recruiting Advice for Athletes and Families

The NCAA and NAIA have specific rules regarding how and when coaches can begin actively recruiting players. Coaches at the NCAA D1 level cannot begin recruiting/contacting players until the summer before their senior year. Coaches at the NCAA D2 level have to wait until the summer before an athlete’s junior year (this rule just changed; it […]

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Find the Contact Information For College Coaches

Most NCAA and NAIA colleges and universities make coaches’ contact information available online. They are located in several different places and can sometimes be challenging to find. Start by Searching for the School on Google Start with a Google search. Most of the time, you can find coaches’ contact information available on a school’s athletic website. Type […]

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College Tennis Scholarships by the Numbers

Finding the opportunity to play college tennis and get a tennis scholarship, like most college athletics, is an extremely competitive process. It is an international competition and preparing early for your recruitment will no doubt give you the advantage needed to be successful. If you have the passion, dedication and drive to play tennis at […]

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#7 Recruiting Corner: Universities Monitoring Facebook, NCAA DII Changes

In this weeks recruiting corner we cover new NCAA D2 recruiting rules, Georgia Tech pulling a scholarship offer from a 11 month commit, twitter impacting the recruiting process for Shaq Thompson and Kyle Kalis and answer our facebook question of the week. Do you have questions you want answered on next weeks recruiting corner? Leave […]

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#6 Recruiting Corner: Landon Collins, Gunner Kiel, Recruiting Mom’s

On this weeks recruiting corner we cover some of the biggest news in the world of college recruiting. Athnet VP David Frank makes his first appearance on the Recruiting Corner and joins your usual host Joshua Zimmerman. Our topics include: • The NCAA is pushing for $2,000 increase on top of full-ride scholarships. The Universities voted almost unanimously […]

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NCAA Stiffens Penalties for Violations: Student Athletes Take Notice

News is still coming from the very productive NCAA Convention last week. The NCAA has moved forward with a rule that is going to make the penalties for violations significantly worse. The CBS article uses the USC recruiting violations as an example of how the new stiffer penalties would affect a program. To me, there […]

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Big Changes Coming in College Recruiting from the NCAA

There was a lot that happened at this year’s meeting of the NCAA DI Board of Directors. It’s no secret that the NCAA president, Mark Emmert, is pushing hard for reform within the NCAA. Two of the most controversial pieces of legislation are an additional $2,000 per year on top of full-ride athletic scholarships and allowing athletes […]

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NCAA Rules Changes: Perspective on Cam Newton Rule

The NCAA recently passed new regulations broadening their definition of what an agent is. This was made to close the loophole that allowed Cecil Newton, Cam Newton’s father, to solicit money (six figures in total) in exchange for his son playing football for the Mississippi State University. The NCAA determined Cam Newton knew nothing of […]

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