Beau Hossler and Lessons About Your NCAA Amateur Status

The NCAA has strict guidelines defining an athlete’s amateur status. If an athlete violates any of them, they are in jeopardy of becoming ineligible to compete at the NCAA level. 17-year-old amateur Beau Hossler’s competition in the 2012 US Open at Olympic Club gives us a great case study on the fine line between amateurs […]


MLB and NCAA Discussing Scholarship Deal

The NCAA is discussing a partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB). The partnership would help bring more money to NCAA baseball programs in the form of scholarships. There is still a lot to be discussed and worked out, and this partnership may still be a year or two away from actually happening, but it’s something […]

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Choosing A Division Level and Other Reader Questions

We got another great reader e-mail the other day, and we thought we would share some of the questions and answers that came about from the e-mail. Don’t forget that we are available by phone, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter for you to ask us any college recruiting questions you may have. We Have Been Invited to […]

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The Top 5 Terms You Need to Know About the NCAA Recruiting Calendar

The NCAA publishes recruiting calendars each year to help athletes and coaches understand when different periods of the recruiting process occur. As a recruit, you must understand how the recruiting calendar for your sport will dictate your interactions with coaches. There are five key periods to identify when looking at your recruiting calendar. However, don’t […]

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The First 3 Steps To Recruiting If You Haven’t Started Yet

Taking the first step and actually starting your college recruitment is definitely the hardest part of the process. The majority of student athletes are not sure where to begin, so they put off understanding the process and never fully pursue the goal because they think they will never make it. Don’t wait around to get […]

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If You Have To Play in College Be Ready To Walk-On

High school students looking for the opportunity to continue their athletic and academic career should consider their options to walk-on to a program. We have discussed options for seniors such as postgraduate studies and junior college, but walking on to a program gives athletes the opportunity to try out for a school that they are […]

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Protect Yourself From College Coaching Changes

College coaches are a huge part of the recruiting process. They spend time, sometimes years, communicating with athletes and enticing them to play for their school. Athletes sometimes choose one school over another because of the relationship they have with a coach; an NCAA survey found that 41 percent of NCAA Division I football players […]

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4 Things You Need to Know About NAIA Eligibility

What is the NAIA Eligibility Center? Before a student-athlete will be able to participate in collegiate sports at the NAIA level they will first need to visit the NAIA clearinghouse website and submit their personal information, GPA, test scores, high school transcripts and sports teams’ information. 1. How it Works The NAIA Eligibility Center could […]

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One of the Best NCAA Resources Gone Again

Families and athletes have always struggled to get answers to their eligibility questions from the NCAA. Despite the 500,000 pieces of mail and 180,000 phone calls a year to the NCAA Eligibility Center, many families are in the dark about NCAA rules and regulations. In 2009, John Infante (then a compliance officer at Loyola Marymount) […]

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Finding the Right College Program

Now that you are ready to take your athletic and academic venture to the next level, you need to start your search for the right college and division levels. Are You Sure that You Want to Play College Sports? If you have no clue on where to look, then you will have an even harder time […]

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