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College Tennis Scholarships by the Numbers

Finding the opportunity to play college tennis and get a tennis scholarship, like most college athletics, is an extremely competitive process. It is an international competition and preparing early for your recruitment will no doubt give you the advantage needed to be successful.

how to get a tennis scholarship
If you have the passion, dedication and drive to play tennis at the college level then let us help you get started and learn what it takes to be find a college program that fits your needs. There are many areas of the recruiting process that student-athletes and families simply don’t know what to do; this is why we have provided you with this infographic, which breakdowns the number of tennis programs and scholarships available at the college level.

Why it’s important to know

Being aware of the tennis “numbers” is an excellent starting point for players looking to score an athletic scholarship. Knowing the amount of college programs and the different divisions will be an excellent guiding tool for student-athletes when they begin to look more closely into colleges they have interest in.

Taking the leap into tennis recruiting

Finding the right college that will be the best fit for you will take a lot of hard work and time. Knowing what you will need in terms of financial aid and scholarship money should hopefully keep you motivated and focused with finding the right college. As indicated by the graphic, 90% of athletic scholarships are available outside of the NCAA DI level. Now that you know some hard facts how will you approach your recruitment? Will you be open to searching out colleges in the different divisions or will you take your chances and limit yourself to only one division and a handful of schools?

Remember that the more college coaches you reach out to, the greater your chances of finding a team.

Through this graphic you will find information on the number of tennis programs offered at each level and the regions of where the institutions are located. In seeing the numbers, this will help you get a better understanding of the amount of work that you will have to put into your recruitment in order to reach the greatest number of programs.

Staying organized and informed about your recruitment, will make the process much easier on you because you will be educated and aware of what you need to get recruited and have the tools to make the most out of your recruitment.

If you have questions about tennis recruitment, we are here to help you along the way. Need help on getting started or staying in contact with college coaches? Leave us a comment with your questions below or connect with us on Facebook or Google+ where we will be able to answer your questions quickly.

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