College Diving Recruiting with Dr. Ron O’Brien

We had the chance to interview Dr. Ron O’Brien, one of the biggest names in US diving. He shaped the direction of US diving as the former national technical director and high performance director of US diving. Dr. O’Brien’s athletes have won over 196 medals in the Olympics, world, national, NCAA, and Big Ten Conference […]

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Gambling on March Madness: Is it Worth the Risk?

Wagering on college sports is not a new concept, but there has been an exponential growth in the number of sports-betting cases being seen by the NCAA. Student athletes see betting on sports an opportunity to earn some extra money, especially if they are struggling with finances and paying for school. However, making sports wagers […]

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How International Athletes Get Recruited to Play College Tennis

NCAA Tennis Recruiting Increase your tennis recruiting chances by stepping up and starting your own team research. Don’t get complacent and wait for college coaches to find you; start sending out e-mails and connecting with them on social media sites. Make your name noticed. The NCAA programs want to make their teams the best; the […]

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Cross Country Scholarships by the Numbers

There are more opportunities to run cross country at the college level than almost any other college sport. With so many programs, finding an opportunity to run in college and earn a scholarship comes down to looking at schools you did not initially consider. Use our graphic as a guide for finding programs different programs. […]

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What You Need to Know About NCAA Recruiting Guidelines

Entering into the unknown workings of the recruiting process sounds complicated, but it does not have to be. Understanding NCAA recruiting guidelines and knowing where to locate the most reputable resources will give student athletes the knowledge needed to be successful during their recruitment. NCAA rules for athletes are in place to make the recruiting process fair […]

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This Will Never Happen to You in College Recruiting

If you believe what you see on major recruiting websites and on TV, you are never going to get recruited. Media companies like ESPN and Rivals make recruiting sound easy. The latest big story to come out is just full of useless information for 99 percent of recruits. We break down what it means for the […]

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College Soccer Scholarships by the Numbers

The recruiting process for college soccer is going to be experiencing significant changes as the elite club teams seek to identify the top recruits as freshman in high school. This means it will be even more critical that you contact coaches on your own. If you are not contacting coaches before they can contact you, […]

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College Volleyball Scholarships by the Numbers

Volleyball is one of the best athletic scholarship opportunities for women athletes. If you are seeking a college to play for, it is up to you to reach out to coaches and find the programs that are the right fit for you. The majority of the college volleyball coaches rely on athletes to contact them […]

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4 Steps for Getting a College Tennis Scholarship

In the past few weeks there has been an increase of articles and stories written regarding the lack of American tennis players represented at recent grand slam tournaments. Unfortunate as it is to not see Roddick or one of the Williams sisters reach top spots, it does not mean that tennis is phasing out here […]

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College Track and Field Scholarships by the Numbers

Track and Field should be straight forward when it comes to college recruiting and getting an athletic scholarship. Either you are fast enough, jump high enough or throw far enough. However, every year thousands of recruits miss out on scholarship opportunities because they do not know where to look. Check out our newest graphic and […]

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