NCAA Legislation

New NCAA Ed Column Explains Twitter Limits on Coaches

The NCAA recently published a new edition of its social media Educational Column. These have been published fairly regularly since about 2009 (normally every year or so) and build on each other as new services emerge and use of social media evolves, especially in recruiting. These Ed Columns are normally done in a Q&A format […]

The NCAA’s Little Known Run Off Waiver

Now that football’s initial signing day is over, the annual rhythm of the college football season turns to sorting out the rosters for 2014 that coaches have lined up. For some programs, that will be more difficult than others. Roll Bama Roll predicted that Alabama would be over by 10 scholarships. Tennessee wrapped up a […]

Board of Directors Outlines Upcoming Agenda

The report of the Division I Board of Directors meeting at the January 2014 NCAA Convention is mostly what you would expect. The board approved the actions of the Leadership Council, which included granting temporary authority to the NCAA staff in some areas. The board left alone the legislation adopted by the Legislative Council meaning […]

Scholarship Agreement Question Requires NCAA Action

This article by Mitch Sherman for is ostensibly about the NCAA’s recent interpretation which limits the value to prospects, especially midyear football enrollees, of signing multiple scholarship agreements before committing to a school. But the final sentence of the article shows that the events which prompted the interp have touched a raw nerve: At […]

Leadership Council Approves Additional NCAA Staff Discretion

The report of the January 2014 meeting of the NCAA Division I Leadership Council has two important pieces of information, both regarding how the NCAA makes decisions on cases involving student-athletes. First, while the press release from the meeting noted that the Leadership Council decided not to move forward with eliminating immediate eligibility in transfer […]

NCAA Convention Round-Up, January 16, 2014

One of the highlights of this year’s NCAA Convention, the Division I Governance Dialogue, is still going on, but there was news from a few other areas as well. Stuart Mandel of Sports Illustrated reported that the Division I Leadership Council did not decide to change transfer waiver guidelines to remove immediate eligibility. The idea […]

Legislative Council Approves Recruiting Proposals

The Division I Legislative Council adopted many of the major proposals in front of the group on Wednesday at the NCAA Convention. The proposals adopted include: Requiring institutions to report deaths and catastrophic injuries to the NCAA; Requiring all teams to have a physicians appointed to oversee student-athlete care; Allowing phone calls and texts to […]

NCAA Staff Asks for Temporary Authority in Waivers and Reinstatement

The NCAA Leadership Council meeting on January 16 at the NCAA Convention in San Diego will be headlined by the anticipated adoption of new transfer waiver guidelines. But the Council will take up a request from the NCAA staff that could have even further reaching implications. To summarize the request, the calls for the NCAA […]

NCAA Proposal Focused on Short-Term Repair, Not Long-Term Improvement

After months of speculation, it appears the issue of NCAA governance is moving rapidly toward a conclusion. What started as threats by commissioners of BCS conferences to further subdivide Division I if not exit the NCAA entirely is now a set of 14 PowerPoint slides that propose how Division I will be run. Brad Wolverton […]

NCAA Interp Closes Multi-Commitment Loophole

The combination of more awareness about signing midyear enrollees and the broadening of the type of commitments that allow publicity and recruiting restrictions to be ignored lead to a couple interesting recruiting battles. Two wide receivers, Dominique Booth and Josh Malone, signed multiple athletic scholarship offers, but not NLIs. As a result, the coaches recruiting […]

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