NCAA Legislation

Solving the NCAA’s Jersey Issue

The NCAA has a problem. Not a big problem, although there are a few of those right now. This is just a little problem. But it is the type of highly visible yet unimportant issue where the NCAA takes unnecessary criticism and which distracts time and attention from more important debates. The problem this time […]

NCAA Refusing to Accept Courses at Boston Area High School

The NCAA Eligibility Center has refused to accept Curriculum 2 courses from Newton South High School, near Boston. Curriculum 2 is a series of slower-paced courses that the school nonetheless argues should be accepted as core courses for initial eligibility. “Nobody has come to me to say, ‘Here’s evidence that your Curriculum 2 is subpar,’” […]

Men’s Basketball Q&A Has Good News For Nonqualifiers

The NCAA released three education columns regarding the men’s basketball changes from last year. One is about the men’s basketball recruiting model and generally has nothing groundbreaking. Another regarding on-campus evaluations (a.k.a. tryouts) has nothing of note either, except perhaps how the NCAA has enabled tryouts for midyear transfers. But one, regarding summer practice in […]

One Proposal Left Behind

On Saturday the NCAA Division I Board of Directors passed 25 proposals that deregulated a number of areas including staff responsibilities, expenses for competition, recruiting phone calls and text messages in addition to a smattering of other rules. All told most of these rules were low-hanging fruit, frustrations that many coaches, administrators, athletes and prospects […]

NCAA Rule Changes Could Increase Parity in Football

ESPN’s Mitch Sherman has a report from the American Football Coaches Association discussing the set of deregulation proposals from the Rules Working Group that the Board of Directors will vote on at the NCAA Convention. The gist of the reaction to changes is a feeling that the bigger revenue schools will separate themselves and that […]

Breaking Down the NCAA’s First Steps Toward Deregulation

On January 19, 2013, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors will meet at the NCAA Convention. It should be a significant day in NCAA history. The board will likely adopt 26 proposals that represent the most sweeping deregulation of NCAA rules ever attempted in a single stroke. The proposals touch on staffing, off-campus recruiting, […]

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