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NCAA Convention Round-Up, January 16, 2014

One of the highlights of this year’s NCAA Convention, the Division I Governance Dialogue, is still going on, but there was news from a few other areas as well.

Stuart Mandel of Sports Illustrated reported that the Division I Leadership Council did not decide to change transfer waiver guidelines to remove immediate eligibility. The idea will receive more membership feedback with possible adoption in April for the 2015–16 academic year.

Allie Grasgreen of Inside Higher Ed reported on two NCAA studies which were released. One found that drug use by athletes was highest in Division III, but comparable to or lower than drug use by the general student population. Another highlighted the sense of academic entitlement, although it is too soon to say how athletes compare to the student body.

The report of the Legislative Council meeting was released which had additional details not in yesterday’s press release. Mandatory CPR training for all coaches was sent to the membership, but two amendments to require a staff member certified in CPR to be at all countable athletically related activities were defeated. A proposal to simply the regulation of printed recruiting materials and electronic communications was adopted. And while both proposals which would have expanded food for student-athletes were sent to the membership for comment, there was little outright opposition. Only one conference voted to defeat each proposal.

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