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Legislative Council Approves Recruiting Proposals

The Division I Legislative Council adopted many of the major proposals in front of the group on Wednesday at the NCAA Convention. The proposals adopted include:

  • Requiring institutions to report deaths and catastrophic injuries to the NCAA;
  • Requiring all teams to have a physicians appointed to oversee student-athlete care;
  • Allowing phone calls and texts to juniors in sports other than football, basketball, track and field, swimming and diving, and men’s ice hockey (separate proposal adopted will allow ice hockey coaches to contact sophomores starting January 1);
  • A new definition of the duties of a “countable coach”; and
  • Adding women’s triathlon to the list of emerging sports.

The release mentions one proposal was tabled, which would have required strength and conditioning coaches to have some sort of nationally recognized certification.

Three proposals are listed as being sent to the membership for comment, meaning they did not receive the two-thirds majority required to pass at this stage, but did receive at least majority support to either adopt or forward for comment:

  • Both proposals which would have expanded what types of meals institutions can provide to student-athletes;
  • A proposal which would have reduced the penalty for a positive drug test in the “street drug” class; and
  • A proposal to require all coaches to be CPR, AED, and first aid certified.

One significant proposal which is not mentioned in the release was a proposal to deregulate printed recruiting materials, although not as drastically as the version which was ultimately overridden last year. Word on that proposal’s fate will have to wait until the Legislative Council report is published or LSDBi is updated.

None of these actions are final until the end of the Board of Director’s meeting this week. After that, adopted proposals will be subject to the override process, with the new recruiting communication start date likely to get the most override attention.

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