NCAA Legislation

Change to Start of Men’s Basketball Practice Approved

The Division I Legislative Council has not had much to do over the last year or so as the Presidential Retreat agenda has taken over. No new proposals were submitted for the 2012-13 legislative cycle, at the request of the Board of Directors. But the abrupt halt to the 2011-12 legislative calendar meant the Legislative […]

A Pay-for-Play Plan That Costs Players Millions

Kudos to Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock for having a plan. Most pay-for-play advocates get as far as “athletes should be paid” and leave it to the NCAA or others to figure out the details. And kudos to Whitlock for having a plan that touches on many of the issues with the current development structure in […]

Stipend Should Divide Division 1

Brad Wolverton has another look at the NCAA’s failed attempts to get a stipend passed. Progress so far has been minimal: But after a series of failed attempts to carry out the proposal, the NCAA is essentially back to the drawing board. The group charged with reviving the plan intends to gather feedback on a […]

Removing Transfer Rule Would Be Empty Gesture

In the wake of the Rutgers scandal, Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated places a measure of blame at the feet of the NCAA, and asks the association, specifically NCAA president Mark Emmert, to do a bit of penance: He would propose emergency legislation that immediately eliminates the rule that requires athletes receive a release from […]

NCAA Issues Interps on Student Hosts, Camp Recruiting, and Tryouts

Today the NCAA issued three staff interpretations of rules in the Division I Manual. Two were not exactly noteworthy, but one could have a bit of an impact although not in the revenue sports of football and men’s basketball. The first dealt with part-time students serving as official visit hosts, and the NCAA (quite logically) […]

The Road to O’Bannon

“The Road to Brown” is an excellent documentary about a very dry subject: litigation strategy. In the short film, the story is told about how the NAACP and a group of lawyers devised and executed a long term legal battle against segregation in public schools. Instead of starting with primary schools in the Deep South, […]

Unlimited Phone Calls Stand A Good Chance of Survival

Forgotten in the NCAA’s announcement yesterday that two proposals had been suspended is that a third coming close to the 75 necessary override requests will not be touched at this time. RWG Proposal 13–3, which allows for unlimited phone calls and text messages to prospects starting June 15 prior to their senior year, is still […]

Board of Directors Suspends Two Deregulation Proposals

The Division I Board of Directors suspended two regulation proposals, RWG Proposals 11–2 and 13–5-A on Monday. The rules, supposed to go into effect August 1, would have allowed any staff member to perform some recruiting tasks and allowed almost any printed correspondence to be mailed to prospects. The suspension comes just two days before […]

NCAA Interp Could Have Big Impact on Basketball Recruiting

Update: Evaluations during a prospect’s junior year are permitted only at the school until the April recruiting period, not January 1. Also a blanket waiver is in effect taking care of the junior college issue for now. On Thursday, the NCAA’s academic and membership affairs staff went on an interpretations binge, issuing seven staff interps […]

NCAA Q&A Addresses Worst Deregulation Fears

The NCAA issued a Q&A document which clarifies the recently adopted deregulation proposals. Two of those questions and answers address some of the worst fears regarding the two proposals with the most opposition: Proposal 11–2 which allows any staff to make recruiting calls and Proposals 13–5-A will deregulates mailings. Question No. 2: May an institution […]

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