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4 Things You Need to Know About NAIA Eligibility

What is the NAIA Eligibility Center? Before a student-athlete will be able to participate in collegiate sports at the NAIA level they will first need to visit the NAIA clearinghouse website and submit their personal information, GPA, test scores, high school transcripts and sports teams’ information. 1. How it Works The NAIA Eligibility Center could […]

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International Student Athlete Foreign GPA Calculator

The NCAA is placing an increasing value on academic standards for student athletes. One of the most confusing eligibility issues for prospective international student athletes is figuring out if they have a good enough GPA to satisfy the core course requirements. The NCAA uses a sliding scale to determine athletic eligibility. The sliding scale correlates […]

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Georgia Tech Pulls Scholarship from 3-Star Recruit Over Test Scores

In a story broke by, Georgia Tech pulled their scholarship offer from a 3-star defensive end football recruit, Junior Gnonkonde. This is huge news because Junior committed to Georgia Tech more than a year ago and has not been talking to any other schools for more than eleven months. The coaching staff at Georgia […]

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#3 Recruiting Corner: The GPA in College Recruiting

It is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to meet the NCAA academic eligibility requirements. One of the most critical components to your eligibility is your GPA. In this weeks Recruiting Corner we cover what the GPA is and how it will impact your college recruiting. GPA stands for Grade Point Average, most high schools […]

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Should I Take the SAT, ACT, or Both?

All high school students looking to apply to college need to take either the SAT or the ACT. Most colleges and universities accept both for admissions, so how do you know which one to take? One idea would be to take the PSAT and the PLAN, both of which are predictive tests for the SAT exam and ACT […]

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Make Sure You Can Get into Your Dream School

Having a dream school and team to play for is great, but unless you know what it is going to take to get into your dream school, you are never going to get there. Getting a High Grade Point Average (GPA) Makes the Whole Process Easier The minimum GPA needed to be eligible by the […]

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NCAA Academic Eligibility: Make Academics a Habit Before High School

Parents of athletes are always hearing about how important grades and grade point average are when their child plans to attend college. And it’s true; academics are the most important part of a high school student’s profile. Just as important, parents should be involved in their school curriculum and know what is expected of them. […]

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The College Application and Admissions Process: What You Need to Know

Start the Summer Before Your Senior Year The process of selecting schools to apply to, getting the application packets, writing the essays, and sending them off can be very time-consuming. Starting your senior year is full of all sorts of excitement, and before you know it, deadlines for applications are looming. Do yourself a favor […]

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7 Questions to Ask When Calling a College Coach for the First Time

Are You Ready to Start Calling College Coaches? You’ve done all of your research on each program. You have the e-mail address and phone number for each coach. Now what do you ask when you are actually talking to them? To help you prepare for calls with coaches, write out your questions ahead of time […]

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How Academics Can Help You Earn a Better Athletic Scholarship

The competition for athletic scholarships is sky high. There are thousands of high school athletes who are looking for an opportunity to play sports at the college level, which makes finding an athletic scholarship very difficult. It All Starts in the Classroom Coaches are looking for not only stellar athletes, but also dedicated students. College coaches are not […]

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