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Make Sure You Can Get into Your Dream School

Having a dream school and team to play for is great, but unless you know what it is going to take to get into your dream school, you are never going to get there.

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Getting a High Grade Point Average (GPA) Makes the Whole Process Easier

The minimum GPA needed to be eligible by the NCAA is 2.0, but that is not going to be enough to get you into 75 percent of colleges. Most colleges require that even as an athlete, you must get a GPA of 3.0 and in some cases higher. It is critical you start and finish off high school getting good grades. One or two bad semesters can do irreparable damage to your GPA and scholarship opportunities.

Find out What Standardized Test Is Best

There are two options for standardized tests to get into the college: the SAT or the ACT. Each test is designed differently, and you can find a great article about the differences between the two tests here. When considering different colleges, it is important you know what test you need to take. Not all schools will accept the ACT, and some schools will require you to take what are known as the SAT II subject tests. Establish what is needed at each university you are considering so you don’t waste time and money taking a test that you don’t need.

Send Your Admissions Packet to the Coach Ahead of Time

One of the biggest benefits to being a prospective student athlete is that you can have the coach look over your admissions packet before you submit to the admissions department. This requires that you have your admissions packet ready several weeks before it is due.

Don’t Rely on the Coach to Just Get You In

Too many athletes fall into the trap of just assuming that as a valued recruit a coach will just get them into school. This is a bad assumption for two reasons. First, coaches can help student athletes on the edge of admissions, but they aren’t miracle workers. Second, coaches have a responsibility to make sure you will remain eligible your entire college career; if you show a lack of effort in the classroom, they might not even want you as an athlete on their team.

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