NCAA Eligibility Center

College Recruiting Options for High School Seniors

Are you a student-athlete that wants a chance to continue your career at the college level, but haven’t found an opportunity yet? Or, perhaps you want to develop more either athletically or academically before going to college. A post-graduate year of study and athletic competition may be for you. What is a Post-Graduate Student? Post-graduate […]

5 Things Recruits Need to Know When Preparing for NCAA College Eligibility

Representing over 1,000 colleges and universities, the NCAA was founded to protect student athletes competing at the college level. NCAA rules and guidelines are set to make sure that all athletes are competing on level ground. Who Needs to be NCAA Eligible? Recruits that are in conversations with division I and division II athletic programs need to be […]

Registering for the NCAA Eligibility Center: Don’t Jump the Gun

It is likely that as a high school student athlete or parent, you have been told once or twice that you need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse in order to compete in college sports. This is fantastic advice as long as it is given under the correct circumstances; unfortunately for many, it is not. Before going […]

2 Ways to Lose Your Athletic Scholarship as a Freshman or Sophomore

If you are looking for an athletic scholarship to pay for college you have to maintain your academic eligibility. The process of becoming academically eligible starts as early as freshman year of high school. While you won’t need to register for the NCAA Eligibility Center until your junior year, the classes that a high school […]

8 Most Important NCAA College Recruiting Rules

There are rules covering just about every action that happens in the recruiting process and it can be over whelming trying to know what applies to you. One area that has many athletes and families confused is regarding the rules around communicating with college coaches. The information below is designed to help you understand the […]

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