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5 Most Common Questions From National Signing Day

Signing Day is one of the busiest days for our websites. We get hundreds of calls, emails, and questions on social media. We do our best to answer everything we can, but we don’t always get to everyone. Because there are many people with the same questions, below are the 5 most popular questions from signing day and our answer to all of them.

What is the difference between an NLI and LOI?

LOI means Letter of Intent. This is the document signed by non-scholarship athletes (walk-ons) and team managers to show their commitment to the university. NLI is a National letter of Intent and is signed by athletes who will be receiving an athletic scholarship from the university. Both the LOI and NLI mean other colleges can no longer recruit you. Here is everything you need to know about the NLI.

When is the last day I have to sign for a scholarship?

Signing Day is the beginning of the signing period. For college football this period runs from February 6th to April 1st. For Soccer, Field Hockey, Cross Country, Track & Field, Men’s Water Polo the signing period runs from February 6th until August 1st. For all other sports, the signing period starts April 17th and runs until August 1st.

I can’t remember by NCAA Clearinghouse/Eligibility Center ID?

Our website is not the NCAA. We come up when people search for the NCAA but we are not the Clearinghouse/Eligibility Center. If you are trying to log in to your NCAA account go to Remember, coaches do not discover athletes through the NCAA and registering with the NCAA will not help you get a scholarship. Coaches only ask you for your NCAA number if they are already recruiting you. How do I know if I am being recruited?

How do I reach the NCAA Clearinghouse/Eligibility Center?

The Clearinghouse/Eligibility Center phone number is (877)262-1492. During this time of year call wait times can be over an hour. Your best bet for reaching the NCAA is to go through your online account or have the university recruiting you check on the status of your account. If you are not in touch with several college coaches right now, don’t worry about your NCAA account; focus your energy on contact coaches and getting their interest first.

I am a senior and haven’t received a scholarship offer, what do I do?

You need to immediately begin contacting coaches and finding programs that are going to be right for you. If you create a recruiting profile (Parent Click Here, Athletes Click here) you can immediately begin researching colleges, seeing what positions coaches are still recruiting and letting coaches know you are interested in their program. You can also contact NCSA College Recruiting directly. **All none seniors please take note and do not wait until signing day, this makes the recruiting process more difficult**

What are your questions about signing day? Please use the comment below or feel free to contact us directly!

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