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Recruiting Tips for a Potential College Wide Receiver

Every great quarterback has had one or multiple great receivers to build a career with. It’s like having spaghetti and meatballs or peanut butter and jelly—one doesn’t really make sense without the other; they just work well as a team. Becoming a wide receiver college prospect means understanding your role in the offense. Know Your […]

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4 Ways To Become a Better College Running Back Recruit

Traditionally, college football coaches recruited the prototypical pro-style every down running back as a featured weapon of their offense. With the advent of the spread offense in college football schemes, recruiting for smaller- shiftier backs has become more popular. Ideally, your ability to be recruited as a running back is going to come down to […]

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How to Write a College Recruiting Resume for Football

Football coaches are among the hardest coaches to get in contact with in the United States because of the sport’s popularity. Putting together all of your pertinent information, coupled with being persistent and proactive, will help you find the best collegiate playing opportunity. Putting a Link to Your Online Highlight Video in Your Resume Will […]

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#13 Recruiting Corner: 7-on-7 Football Recruiting and Character in Recruiting

[powerpress] Do you have questions you want us to answer on the recruiting corner? Leave them in the comments below. Joshua: Hey guys, welcome back, another of The Recruiting Corner here. Joshua Zimmerman, David Frank, as always, bringing you the latest and greatest in recruiting news. What’s new? David: Oh, not too much. Glad you […]

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How to Become a College Kicker

Kickers and Punters are no longer forgotten aspects of a football team. Although they may not receive as much recognition as the quarterback, often times the outcome of a game relies heavily or directly on their leg. If you’re not a believer, take into consideration Louisiana State University punter Brad Wing whose leg helped propel […]

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4 Tips to Becoming a Better Offensive Lineman

If you’re an offensive lineman or if you dream to become one, “BIG” is your lifestyle; and if it’s not, it should be.  Offensive linemen are normally the largest bodies on the field at any given point.  It’s their job to protect the team’s most important offensive weapon, the quarterback, and to create holes to […]

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4 Tips from a College Linebacker Prospect

When I started playing football, I knew that I wanted to be a leader. I wanted my teammates to respect and to listen to me, and I wanted my coaches to lean on me but I knew I was never going to be a quarterback. I knew I loved to be physical, to hit and […]

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You Want to Play Quarterback in College (part 2)

In the first part of this series, I discussed the intangibles of being a successful quarterback and college football recruit. This follow-up will go beyond intangible traits discussing the physical traits a college quarterback recruit should possess. Build Your Body If genetics were the coach, then work ethic would be the quarterback; you cannot win a championship […]

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You Want to Play Quarterback in College (part 1)

It’s no secret what a quarterback means to a college football team. It goes without saying that the quarterback is the most important person on the football field at any given time. If you are unsure of this, please look to the recent 2011 demise of the Peyton Manning–less Indianapolis Colts. Without a quarterback that understands […]

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(Defensive Positions) How Big Do You Need To Be To Play College Football?

This is the follow up graphic from yesterday with the average, maximum and minimum size of college football players for defensive positions. Consistently, the D1-A players are an inch or two taller and 10-15 lbs heavier. Also, when looking at these numbers keep in mind these are all college players, and the weights you see […]

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