What’s Next for Florida, Phillips, and Muschamp

Late last week, ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reported that Florida assistant football coach Joker Phillips had resigned due to his involvement in a potential recruiting violation. That was followed up by a report from Yahoo!’s Pat Forde and Charles Robinson with more specifics about the violation. Two sources told Yahoo Sports that the encounter was described […]

Hawaii Athletes Sleep in Locker Rooms after Scholarship Delay

Oskar Garcia for the Associated Press (via Huffington Post): About 60 Hawaii scholarship athletes were delayed nine days in receiving their summer funds, prompting some to sleep in a locker room while waiting for checks totaling about $92,000, university athletics officials said. Hawaii athletic director Ben Jay told The Associated Press on Thursday that clerical […]

Auburn’s Scholarship Crunch Highlights APR Tightrope

Brandon Marcello of The question now is how Auburn coach Bruce Pearl makes room for the incoming players. Auburn has room for three additional scholarship players, and will need to make room for four more if the current list of commitments and signees stay on board, according to numbers compiled by Scholarships are […]

Ice Hockey Rules Committee Recommends Only Minor Changes

This being a rule change year for ice hockey, potentially major changes had been anticipated, including steps to reduce or eliminate regular season ties and allowing three-quarters visors instead of full face shields. None of these major changes came to pass, with the focus of this round of changes being on smaller changes to speed […]

Division III Considers On-Campus Evaluations, Celebratory Signings

According to this release by the NCAA, the Division III Recruiting Working Group is considering allowing on-campus evaluations starting as early as the summer of 2015. These evaluations would be much more extensive than those allowed in Division II or Division I basketball. For starters, prospects would be permitted to participate in multiple evaluations for […]

Tressel’s Departure Likely Had Little Effect on OSU Case

As the Cleveland Plain Dealer starts a 10-day series on the Ohio State/memorabilia/tattoo/Tressel scandal, Land-Grant Holy Land asks a what if: Perhaps that is a more interesting hypothetical question. What if the scandal still happens, but Ohio State doubles down and keeps Tressel? Aside from the five game suspension Tressel was given, would the NCAA […]

UNC Still Holds the Cards in Academic Fraud Scandal

Former UNC basketball player Rashad McCants spoke to ESPN’s Outside the Lines about his academic experience at UNC. McCants told ESPN that he not only took many of the “paper classes” in the African American studies program which have been at the center of the ongoing scandal. McCants also told ESPN that tutors wrote some […]

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What the NCAA Should Do About College Basketball Transfers

This is the third and final installment in a three-part series looking at college basketball’s transfer issues. In the first, I looked at whether college basketball really has a transfer “epidemic” (answer: not really). In the second, I explored why college basketball has such high transfer rates (answer: not sure but the NBA is a […]

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Why Are College Basketball Transfers So High?

In the first installment of this miniseries on college basketball transfers, I looked at whether the sport had an actual “epidemic”, i.e. whether the high rate of transfers was some recent phenomenon. The numbers suggest that college basketball transfer rates have always been high, are comparable to the general student population, but are accelerating in […]

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Pelini’s Signing Idea Ignores How Recruits Think

Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini explained an interesting if not entirely original idea to slow down recruiting to Adam Rittenberg: Pelini thinks high school players should be able to sign with teams as soon as they receive scholarship offers. If coaches choose to offer scholarships to freshmen and sophomores – an increasingly common tactic […]

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