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Auburn’s Scholarship Crunch Highlights APR Tightrope

Brandon Marcello of

The question now is how Auburn coach Bruce Pearl makes room for the incoming players. Auburn has room for three additional scholarship players, and will need to make room for four more if the current list of commitments and signees stay on board, according to numbers compiled by

Scholarships are not only thing in short supply at Auburn. APR wiggle room is running out too.

Auburn’s multiyear APR in 2012–13 was a 940. Seemingly well above the 930 cut line will will be fully phased in for the 2013–14 cohort, right? Here are Auburn’s single-year scores that make up that 940:

  • 2009–10: 966
  • 2010–11: 957
  • 2011–12: 896
  • 2012–13: 936

Over the next two years, Auburn will lose its two best single years. The Tigers also have to carry a sub–900 score for another two years. The average of Auburn’s three single-year scores (DISCLAIMER: Not how the NCAA calculates APR scores) that will be carry over to 2013–14 is 930. Another single-year score below that would put Auburn at serious risk of a postseason ban in 2015–16. And anything less than a 940–945 in 2013–14 would put Auburn under serious pressure to post a very good score in 2014–15 to avoid a 2016–17 penalty. The departures necessary to make room for seven incoming players will not help.

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