New NCAA Rules Starting Today

January 1 is the start of the calendar year, July 1 is the start of many fiscal years, but August 1 marks the start of a new NCAA year. That is the date which most new NCAA legislation becomes effective. Below is a list of all the proposals that become effective August 1, 2014. They […]

Fitzgerald’s plan would only accelerate football recruiting

Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald outlined his ideas for a major overhaul of the recruiting system at Big Ten Media Days. Fitzgerald’s ideas are good, but there’s just two problems: they don’t accomplish his goal of slowing down the recruiting process and they are exactly the opposite of the current majority view of how […]

Returning Student From the 1990s Saves Oklahoma State From APR Penalties

Sam Cooper for Yahoo! Sports Dr. Saturday blog: [Oklahoma State] announced Tuesday that the NCAA confirmed that the Cowboys football program’s APR has been “amended” thanks to the discovery that a student-athlete from the 1990s had recently graduated from Oklahoma State. This “delayed graduation point” bumped the team’s average score up from 929.41 to 930 […]

NCAA Issues Interps on Coaching Involvement and Football Spring Evaluation Period

Monday the NCAA issued three interpretations of Division I rules. Two came from the NCAA staff and one from the Legislative Review and Interpretations Committee. The two staff interpretations dealt with situations where coaches might be providing instruction to athletes during the offseason while the official interpretation from LRIC confirmed a limit on the head […]

Texas football players avoid suspension after agent meal

Bryan Fischer for “Earlier this summer, Texas reported a situation to the NCAA involving two Longhorn student-athletes receiving a meal from an agent. That situation has been resolved with NCAA staff and the involved student-athletes are immediately eligible for competition,” the school announced in a statement. When the news of the reported violation broke, […]

Texas HS Coaches Convention may move to accommodate new NCAA rule

A new NCAA rule passed this year caused the schedule for the Texas High School Coaches Association Convention to get shuffled at the last minute: According to the San Antonio Express News, the NCAA denied the waivers that it received for the convention. Due to the waiver denials, lectures that were scheduled to be given […]

Baker Mayfield highlights the worst side of the NCAA’s transfer rules

Stories about athletes battling with their former schools over transfer destinations is nothing new. It has become a regular feature of the college sports offseason. Most of the time the debate is over how much power schools should have to limit where an athlete, generally a scholarship athlete, can transfer. A consensus is even starting […]

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5% of football coaches cheating means a lot of cheating

Jake Trotter of, quoting Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby: “Enforcement is broken,” he said. “The infractions committee hasn’t had [an FBS] hearing in almost a year, and I think it’s not an understatement to say cheating pays presently. If you seek to conspire to certainly bend the rules, you can do it successfully and […]

Proposed College Soccer Changes Face Uphill Battle

From the Soccer Observer, run by Ian Thomson: Top college soccer coaches are finalizing plans and canvassing support for changes that would extend the men’s season over the full academic year. The proposals recommend a 25-game season split between the fall and spring semesters. Individual conference championships would be held early in May with the […]

Reopening NCAA Investigations Rare but Not Unprecedented

At ACC Football Media Days, the NCAA’s reopened investigation into North Carolina’s academic scandal was discussed. Part of ACC commissioner John Swofford’s comments on the investigation touched on whether there was precedent for the NCAA reopening an investigation: Swofford says NCAA reopening investigation isn’t a first. Asks former NCAA guy in back of room if […]

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