Sac State Football Coach Resigns over Possible NCAA Violations

Last week, Sacramento State head football coach Marshall Sperbeck resigned with little warning from that position. According to Jay Davidson and Bill Paterson of the Sacramento Bee, the reason is thought to do with potential NCAA violations: Sac State athletic director Terry Wanless said Sperbeck “resigned for personal reasons” with two years left on his […]

Hockey Rules Committee to Address Visors and Regular Season Ties

At the American Hockey Coaches Association meetings this week, the NCAA Hockey Committee will discuss potential rule changes with coaches. This is a rule change year for hockey, so anything potentially goes, as opposed to off-years where only safety rules and modification of recent rule changes are permitted. The biggest topic for the committee happens […]

NCAA Governance Proposal Needs Changes to Give Everyone What They Want

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports: Some Big Five commissioners and other stakeholders were initially surprised at the NCAA’s super majority concept. The association’s board of directors asserted Thursday that the 65 Big Five schools will have to pass legislation with at least a super majority (at least two-thirds in favor). In addition, four of the […]

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Division III Advances Recruiting Proposals, Looks at Nontraditional Seasons

The Division III Presidents Council advanced two recruiting proposals and considered issues regarding DIII’s nontraditional seasons with taking any action last week. The recruiting legislation had previously been discussed by the DIII Management Council and Recruiting Working Group and included the following proposals: To allow contact on the day of a prospect’s competition at any […]

DII Proposes Eliminating Special Voting on Football Issues

As voting on legislation in Division I looks poised to get increasingly stratified, Division II appears headed in the opposite direction. At their meeting last week, the Division II President’s Council sponsored a proposal which would eliminate special voting on football issues. If the proposal is adopted by the Division II membership at the 2015 […]

2016 Presidential Race Begins to Loom in Union Fight

Northwestern’s football team got the union vote of its plate yesterday, which means now attention turns back to the National Labor Relations Board. The day before the vote, the NLRB agreed to hear Northwestern’s appeal, meaning the votes cast by the players will be impounded and not counted unless that appeal is unsuccessful. While that […]

International Football Games Get Around Foreign Tour Restriction

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports: ESPN has had discussions with the Big 12 and Pac–12 about possibly playing a football game in Mexico City. That sentence raises many conflicting emotions and some hard questions for college athletics. One popular view is that a television network wants to drag athletes to Mexico for a football game […]

UW-River Falls Given Probation for Impermissible Scholarships

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls was placed on probation by the Division III Committee on Infractions for failing to monitor their financial aid practices, resulting in seven football players being awarded athletically-related financial aid between 2007–08 and 2010–11. The violations centered around the awarding of scholarships to undergraduate student coaches in the football program as […]

DIII Moves Forward With Recruiting Proposals, Steps Back on Fin Aid Audits

The Division III Management Council moved forward with two recruiting proposals last week and put the brakes on a proposed random financial aid audit system. The recruiting proposals both pertained to off-campus contact and are deregulatory in nature. The biggest would allow coaches to have off-campus contact with prospects after their sophomore year in high […]

DII Considers Requiring Full-Time ADs, Compliance Staff

Last week the Division II Management Council voted to sponsor a proposal which would require DII institutions to employ both a full-time athletic director and full-time compliance coordinator who do not have coaching duties. The rule is already in effect for institutions applying to become Division II members, which also includes most institutions who are […]

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