NCAA Should Stop Charging for Eligibility Center Registration

Of all the things the NCAA does that rile up the masses, one which should be the most obvious is one of the least known. The NCAA strikes a controversial bargain with athletes. In exchange for the opportunity to get an education, financial support for that education (maybe), elite training and exposure, the NCAA asks […]

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NCAA Proposes Sand Volleyball Championship

NOTE: Beach Volleyball is now a sanctioned NCAA and NAIA Championship sport. Click here for Beach Volleyball Scholarship and Recruiting information. The NCAA Division I Legislative Council Administrative Committee has sponsored a proposal for the 2014-15 legislative cycle to make sand volleyball the NCAA’s 90th championship. Sand volleyball is currently an emerging sport for women, […]

Which Power Conference Football Teams Are At-Risk with the 2013-14 APR

Last week I looked at which power conference men’s basketball teams were in danger of receiving APR penalties in 2013–14. This week is football’s turn, although with two significant differences. First, football’s APR is less volatile than basketball’s so only teams with a 2012–13 APR below 940 were studied. Second, there is no single source […]

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Texas Football Players Facing Short Suspension After Agent Meal

Bryan Fischer for According to documents obtained by the Austin American-Statesman, the University of Texas reported to the NCAA enforcement staff on June 6 that two Longhorn football players received a meal paid for by an agent. It wasn’t clear when the agent paid for the players’ meal, per the report. According to the […]

OSU seems confident about NCAA investigation

Brett McMurphy of ESPN: “The inquiry continues and it is hoped that it will conclude within the next few months,” a university spokesman told ESPN. “The university anticipates releasing a report after the NCAA concludes its process. Since it is an ongoing inquiry conducted in cooperation with the NCAA, the university is unable to comment […]

Eligibility or hardship behind Mudiay’s move overseas

Yesterday Emmanuel Mudiay, one of the top players in the 2014 basketball recruiting class, decided to forego college basketball at Southern Methodist in favor of starting his professional career, likely in China or Europe. After it was confirmed that Mudiay was not heading to SMU, the biggest question was whether potential eligibility issues caused him […]

Division II adds 8 new members, 5 start process

The Division II Membership Committee approved eight new full members who have completed the three-year transition period, bringing the division’s membership to 300. In addition, a total of 14 other institutions were accepted into the membership process or advanced along it. Four institutions were asked to redo years along the path for full Division II […]

College athletics leaders not yet serious about legislative solution

Brad Wolverton of the Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the alternative solutions college athletics is looking at to get the NCAA and its members out from under the parade of lawsuits which is currently engulfing the association. One of the those is the possibility of lobbying Congress for an antitrust exemption: One […]

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Which Power Conference Basketball Teams are At-Risk with the 2013-14 APR

With the summer about half over and the 2012–13 APR release well in the review mirror, it is time to look ahead to the 2013–14 APR numbers. Those numbers will start to finalize over the fall as athletes return to campus, confirming both their eligibility and whether they were retained for the 2014 fall semester. […]

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NCAA Allows Drake FB Player to Keep Crowdfunding Proceeds

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A football prospect grows up with an extremely disadvantaged background. Despite that, he excels on the field and in the classroom and has an opportunity to play go to college and play football. But he needs some more help, in the form of money, to make that […]

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