Cremins Recuses Himself from UGA Case

With a larger and more diverse Committee on Infractions, especially with ex-coaches now part of the group, questions were bound to arise about the COI’s recusal policy. One of the first instances has come up in Georgia’s infractions case involving swimming and diving coach Jack Bauerle. Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the details: […]

NCAA Sets Rules for For-Profit Schools

The NCAA Executive Committee, the highest body in the NCAA, has decided what to do with for-profit institutions. They will be members of the NCAA, but not full members: The subcommittee determined for-profit schools could participate as NCAA members if: any financial benefits were received through their conferences and not directly from the NCAA; and […]

SODO Apparel Launches Fund to Pay Former College Football Players

SODO Apparel, a men’s sportwear brand out of Seattle, is planning to become the first apparel company to pay college athletes. “It’s a new day for NCAA athletes,” founder Mark Nelson stated. “We have discovered a viable way to compensate those athletes being exploited the most by the NCAA, its partners, and the universities.” SODO’s […]

Small Addition Could Derail Governance Proposal

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors approved the new governance proposal today by an overwhelming majority, 16–2. But the proposal still has to survive the override period. 75 override requests would trigger the override process while 125 would table the proposal and keep it from becoming effective while that process goes on. The final […]

Disconnect and Inconsistency at Big 12 Forum

I generally think the idea of hypocrisy is overblown both generally and specifically in college athletics. The classic definition of hypocrisy (claiming to believe something you do not actually believe) has been replaced with the Daily Show-definition of hypocrisy: having done or said anything remotely inconsistent with what you are now arguing means you have […]

No Compliance Issue with Winston Insurance Purchase

Jameis Winston is not the first athlete to have his disability or loss-of-value insurance premiums paid for by the school using the NCAA’s Student Assistance Fund. Texas A&M did the same earlier this year for offensive tackle Cedric Ogbuehi. And Baylor will help fund premiums for three football players. But Winston is the reigning Heisman […]

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Wisconsin No Longer Allowing Freshman Hosts

Adam Schrager of WISC-TV, Madison, WI’s CBS affiliate, details how a recruit’s conviction for sexual assault last fall has lead Wisconsin to change its recruiting policies. The major changes include no longer permitting freshman football players to host recruits on official visits and not permitting recruits on official visits to visit with individuals they know […]

Championship Access: The Other Side of Governance Reform

When the NCAA Division I Board of Governors meets on Thursday, the biggest agenda item will be the adoption of the new governance structure that includes new committee members, reweighted voting, and autonomy for five conferences. But it also includes this critical piece of the push to reform Division I while keeping Division I more […]

Thompson Misses Out on Ohio State’s Foreign Tour

Bob Baptist of the Columbus Dispatch, clarifying a tweet from Ohio State men’s basketball transfer Trevor Thompson that he would not be eligible to play this season: But coach Thad Matta and an athletic department spokesman said today that, as far as they know, Thompson has been denied only the opportunity to accompany the team […]

OU Waiver Cases Show Need to Remove Former Schools From Transfer Process

This column from the Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel is mostly about the signing ideas offered by Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini and Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald, but it ends by discussing Oklahoma’s two transfer cases: Of course, the letter of intent system doesn’t seem all that broken. What’s broken is the transfer system. […]

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