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OSU seems confident about NCAA investigation

Brett McMurphy of ESPN:

“The inquiry continues and it is hoped that it will conclude within the next few months,” a university spokesman told ESPN. “The university anticipates releasing a report after the NCAA concludes its process. Since it is an ongoing inquiry conducted in cooperation with the NCAA, the university is unable to comment further at this time.”

That seemingly innocuous statement about Oklahoma State and the NCAA’s investigation following up on Sports Illustrated’s series last year may say a lot about OSU’s attitude toward the NCAA’s investigation.

Finishing an investigation into such an extensive time period and breadth of activities in around a year would be extremely quick for the NCAA. Going through the entire investigation and the infractions process in that time would be even more surprising. If Oklahoma State anticipates releasing a report within the next few months, it would suggest that the NCAA has done one of the following:

  • Focused on a limited set of what was in the Sports Illustrated articles;
  • Could not corroborate many violations to the standard needed for a Notice of Allegations; or
  • Has received such cooperation from OSU that the NCAA is allowing them to release extensive information about the case before the infractions process is complete.

The first two are self-explanatory. The last would suggest that OSU has cooperated to the extent that it would get significant relief from penalties. Whatever the case, the fact that Oklahoma State thinks the NCAA’s process will be over this quickly suggests they are not too worried about the outcome of the NCAA’s investigation.

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