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Board of Directors Suspends Two Deregulation Proposals

The Division I Board of Directors suspended two regulation proposals, RWG Proposals 11–2 and 13–5-A on Monday. The rules, supposed to go into effect August 1, would have allowed any staff member to perform some recruiting tasks and allowed almost any printed correspondence to be mailed to prospects. The suspension comes just two days before the end of the 60-day override period, during which schools can lodge objections:

Board members also considered suspending a third proposal that eliminated restrictions on modes and numerical limitations of recruiting contacts, but they ultimately agreed to let the membership decide that rule’s future through the override process.

The biggest question is why the Board of Directors did not take the same stance for the other two rules given the status of the override. Currently, Proposal 11–2 has 67 override requests, with 13–5-A drawing 72. The override closes at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday. Why not let the override finish, and if either proposal got 75 votes, then decide to suspend and modify the legislation?

The three proposals under the most heat, Proposals 11–2, 13–3-, and 13–5-A, are all criticized for being hastily drafted and pushed through outside the normal legislative process. But compared to what has happened after their adoption, they were carefully considered and well thought-out pieces of legislation.

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