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SMU Golf Coach Resigns Over Alleged Recruiting Violations

http://Alma College Sports Recruiting.Josh Gregory, SMU’s head men’s golf coach and winner of two national championships as head coach at Augusta State, resigned on Friday from his job at his alma mater. The reason, according to Golfweek, is NCAA recruiting violations:

Among the alleged violations were impermissible text messages sent to recruits, in violation of NCAA rules.

While Gregory may have texted recruits, it seems unlikely that would be the type of violation that would result in him being pressured to resign. As of August 1, golf coaches are allowed to text seniors and can text juniors starting on September 1. Unless he was texting sophomores and freshmen in high school, text messages alone seem unlikely to have pushed Gregory out even if they were still violations that SMU would have to report to the NCAA.

It seems likely that if NCAA violations were the root of Gregory’s resignation, they were more serious than impermissible text messages.

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