About Alcorn State University

The Alcorn State University can be found in Lorman, Mississippi. They are a historically black college that offers a number of academic programs that will result to a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Their student population of a little over 1,000 students can take part in a wide range of club activities as the school is home to around 40 student organizations. The university has been ranked as part of the top historically black school in the country because of their capability to produce graduates that perform well in their chosen professions.

Athletics Department of Alcorn State University

The athletics department of the Alcorn State University is dedicated in producing talented student-athletes that perform in and out of the field of play. Their focus is to ensure that they receive the best athletic training and academic support programs in order for them to live up to the expectations of their school and their supporters. Though they are considered as a small college, the department has worked hard at maintaining the success of their athletic teams.

Athletic Programs of Alcorn State University

The athletic programs of the Alcorn State University are: men’s indoor track and field, baseball, men’s outdoor track and field, men’s basketball, football, men’s tennis, men’s golf, women’s volleyball, women’s indoor track and field, women’s outdoor track and field, women’s bowling, women’s softball and women’s tennis.
The college has built several athletic facilities in order for their players and students to take advantage of them during practices, on campus games, fitness programs and other school activities. They also offer several sporting programs and activities outside the varsity level to make sure that everyone is given the change to enjoy their college life.

Official Sports Team: Braves and Lady Braves

The sports team of the Alcorn State University is nicknamed as the Braves and the Lady Braves. The team competes under the Southwestern Athletic Conference and NCAA Division 1 (A). However, their Football Team takes part in the NCAA Division 1 (AA) tournaments. They have been quite successful in their endeavors in sports and continue to make a name for themselves in athletics.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Alcorn State University

The Alcorn State University believes that acquiring a college education should be made available for all. As such, they have partnered with other institutions to make sure that they are able to help their students gather the funds they need to pay for their tuition, fees and other expenses. The school offers Financial Aid Programs, Student Loan Programs, Work Study Programs, Teaching Programs and several scholarship opportunities. With these in place, many of their enrollees are able to receive a form of aid that can be renewed each school year.

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