Australian Student Athletes Can Receive Athletic Scholarships From American Universities

Sports Scholarships for Athletes from Australia

More and more Australian athletes each day are making the move to play college sports in the United States. There are hundreds of USA athletic scholarships available to Australian student athletes each year, but finding these opportunities can be a long and arduous process. The process of being recruited to play college sports is extremely difficult, even for American athletes. But with all of the special rules and procedures that international and Australian athletes are subject to, the process is made even harder.

What You Need to Get a Scholarship

Australian athletes must acquire a student visa, translate all of their academic records to the American format, and sign up to take the United States college entrance exams. Without the help of someone that has experience in American college recruiting process, the chances that an Australian athlete is able to earn an American athletic scholarship are slim at best. But with the help of an athletic recruiting company such as, the hurdles and rigors of the recruiting process can be all but forgotten.

How We Can Get You Recruited

Over the last decade, has worked with hundreds of Australian athletes and found thousands of dollars in United States scholarship money for these athletes who would otherwise have had little chance of earning a scholarship. Our company was founded by an Australian athlete who came to the United States to run track-and-field on scholarship. For this reason, we have a special sense of devotion to our Australian athletes, and we have personal knowledge of exactly what kinds of hurdles Australian athletes are subject to. Athletes who attempt the recruiting process alone will inevitably make some small mistakes that end up costing them the chance at an American athletic scholarship. Without the help of an experienced sports recruiting company such as ours, you run the risk of being lost in the race and clutter of the recruiting process.

After signing on with our company, athletes are afforded the full gamut of resources that we have developed over the years to make college coaches take notice of you. An experienced recruiting coach will handle your recruiting from the time you first enroll with our program to the moment you make your decision as to which school you will be attending. Our recruiting coaches work with more than 100 international athletes each year, many of them hailing from Australia. Once you have provided us with the academic and athletic information we need, your recruiting coach will distill all of the information down into a resume that is easy and accessible to college coaches. The top priority in the recruiting process is the first impression you make with college coaches. If the first resume you send to coaches does not stand out in some way, you run the very real risk of being passed over by a coach without a second thought. If your resume is too confusing or difficult to discern information from, a coach will not spend the time trying to sift through it but will instead just dismiss your resume and move on to the next. With all of the experience we have garnered in recruiting international athletes, we have the know-how to make your resume stand out and catch the interest of college coaches.

Many Australian student athletes make the mistake of thinking that only the best athletes in the world are offered USA athletic scholarships. In reality, the way in which an athlete is marketed and introduced to coaches is far more important than talent and raw playing ability. Athletes who attempt to recruit themselves do not possess the necessary level of knowledge to be effectively marketed and will inevitably make a minor mistake that causes them a chance at an American sports scholarship. With the help of a service like ours, we will be here to make sure that you fulfill all of the minor procedures involved in the NCAA recruiting process and that you do not find yourself in a position to fail at the recruiting process. More than 85 percent of our clients each year are successfully recruited to play college sports in the United States. With this track record and nearly a decade of knowledge in the recruiting process, we know the right way to introduce you to coaches and find you the American scholarship opportunities.

If you have any designs of playing sports in college, then the United States is the only place to come. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the largest scholastic academic association in the world. Student athletes from Australia can get athletic scholarships in the following sports: baseball, basketball, bowling, cross-country, fencing, field hockey, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track-and-field, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling. The NCAA dictates the number of scholarships each school has available, allowing them 600 scholarships per year to each school. The special circumstances and obstacles faced by international athletes make their recruiting process far more difficult than the process for American athletes. With the help of a service like, these problems become nonexistent. We will handle everything for you, leaving you with only one decision to make: what American college to attend?

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