Irish Student Athletes can Apply for Sports Scholarships at American Colleges

Athletic Scholarships for Athletes from Ireland

As the size and scope of American college athletics grows, college coaches must explore new avenues to find the needed talent to bolster their sports programs. One of the newest talent pools being explored by the United States college coaches is Ireland. Hundreds of Irish athletes have received athletic scholarships to play sports at top level American colleges for little or no cost. There are hundreds of American athletic scholarships available to Irish athletes every year, but to receive one of these scholarships, an athlete must be personally recruited by an American college coach. Being recruited is an extremely arduous process, especially for international students. As an Irish student athlete, you must obtain a student visa through the USA State Department, have all of your academic records sent to several United States colleges in American grade format, and register for all of the required American college entry exams. Athletes who try to complete all of these steps themselves find that the recruitment process may just be too much for them to handle. A recruiting service such as has all the necessary experience to handle the USA recruitment process for you and find those elusive American athletic scholarships.

Over the last eight years, has found thousands of dollars in scholarship money for Irish athletes. We were founded by an international athlete who came to the United States to run track and field in college. This fact lends us firsthand knowledge of the international recruitment process and just the kinds of hurdles that international athletes are forced to jump to make it to the United States on an athletic scholarship.

Athletes who enroll with our program are given access to the full range of tools that have made us a leader in international recruiting. You will be assigned a personal recruiting coach who will handle every step of the recruitment process for you from beginning to end. Your coach will help you acquire your student visa, show you how to enroll in all the needed USA standardized tests, and have all of your grades sent to American colleges. With nearly a decade of experience in finding financial opportunities for Irish students, we have all of the knowledge needed to tackle and solve your recruiting problems. After providing us with all of your academic marks and athletic statistics, your recruiting coach will create an athletic resume that will be sent to thousands of American college coaches across the country. The first impression you make with a coach is the most important step in the recruitment process. If your initial resume is too plain or too confusing, a college coach will simply pass over it without a second thought, and chances are, he will never look at it again. Over the last decade, our company has written thousands of resumes for athletes from all over the world, 85 percent of these athletes went on to receive scholarship offers to play sports at the U.S. college level. This track record means that we know exactly what a coach wants to see in an athletic resume, and we will craft your resume in just such a manner that no coach will be able to pass it over.

Many Irish athletes fall victim to the common misconception that only the elite athletes receive offer to play college sports in the United States. But the way in which an athlete is marketed to college coaches is a far greater indicator of whether or not an athlete will be offered a scholarship. Athletes who attempt to get recruited without help often run into the simple fact that they do not have sufficient knowledge of the recruitment process. Inevitably, these athletes end up making some small mistake that tends up costing them a shot at a college scholarship. With our extensive knowledge of all of minor NCAA rules and requirements, we will make sure that you make all the right decisions in the recruitment process and do not jeopardize your future. Our top priority is you, and we will be here the entire time to answer any questions that may arise in your recruitment and to handle all of the difficult steps for you.

If your dream is to one day play college sports, then coming to the United States is an option that you must consider. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) governs over nearly all U.S. college sports with more than 1,200 member institutions participating in 23 sports. Student athletes from Ireland can get athletic scholarships in the following sports: baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, fencing, field hockey, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling. The obstacles faced by Irish athletes make the recruitment process especially difficult. With the help of an experienced service such as ours, you will have college coaches contacting you within two weeks of enrolling.

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