Can Canadian Student Athletes Apply for Athletic Scholarships at American Colleges?

Athletic Scholarships for Athletes From Canada

As American college athletics have grown in size and scope, college coaches have begun looking for talent outside the United States to bolster their expanding rosters. And the place that college coaches look at first is Canada. Thousands of Canadian athletes each year make the short trip across the border to compete at the highest level of college athletics in the United States. Thousands of USA athletic scholarships are available to Canadian athletes each year, but to receive an American athletic scholarship, an athlete must first be recruited to play at a United States college. This process is difficult for American athletes, but even harder for international athletes. Canadian athletes must obtain a student visa through the United States State Department, register with the NCAA initial eligibility clearinghouse, and sign up for all of the required American college entry exams. With the odds stacked against them, the chances that a Canadian athlete will earn a  sports scholarship at an American college  is very slim if you attempt to recruit yourself. But after employing the services of a company such as, the daunting tasks that get in the way of international athletes will be forgotten, as we handle all the recruiting process for you. has worked with hundreds of Canadian athletes over the last decade and found thousands of dollars in scholarships for these athletes who have been able to attend top American colleges at little to no cost. Our company was founded by an international athlete who came to the United States on a track scholarship. Thanks to this firsthand knowledge of the international recruiting process, we have all the tools needed to ease the added pressures of being an international recruit. When athletes attempt to recruit themselves, they almost always run into the problem of not knowing enough about the process to execute recruiting successfully. This unfortunately leads to the athlete making some minor mistakes that cost them their shot at a scholarship. Without help from a service such as ours, you may also be swept up in the confusing race of American college recruiting.

Once signed on with our service, you will have access to all of the resources that have made our company a leader in the international recruiting scene. A personal recruiting coach will be assigned to you who will handle every step of the recruiting process from beginning to end. Our recruiting coaches work with dozens of Canadian athletes every year, and we have developed a sense of exactly what kinds of hardships are faced by Canadian students when making the move to the United States. Your recruiting coach will write an athletic resume on your behalf that highlights all of your major statistics and accomplishments. The first contact you make with college coaches is by far the most important step in being recruited. If your resume is too cluttered and confusing or if it is not detailed enough, coaches will pass it over without a second thought. There is a very fine line between your resume grabbing the attention of coaches and your resume being overlooked. Thanks to all the experience we have gathered after nearly a decade, we know exactly how to walk that line and make sure college coaches take notice of you.

Canadian athletes often make the mistake of thinking that scholarships are almost all given to American athletes and that only the elite Canadian athletes can receive one. The way in which an athlete is recruited by coaches is far more important than being a world-class talent. Athletes who attempt to recruit themselves do not possess the necessary level of knowledge to be effectively marketed and will inevitably make a minor mistake that reduces their chances of landing an American college sports scholarship. With the help of a recruiting service like ours, we will be here to make sure that you fulfill all of the minor procedures involved in the NCAA recruiting process and that you do not find yourself in a position to fail at the recruiting process. More than 85 percent of our clients each year are successfully recruited to play college sports in the United States. With this track record and nearly a decade of knowledge in the recruiting process, we know the right way to introduce you to coaches and find you the American scholarship opportunities.

If your dream is to play sports at the college level, then the United States really is the only place to come. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the largest collection of school-sponsored sports in the world. This governing body of nearly all United States college athletics contains more than 1,200 member institutions competing in 23 NCAA sports. Student athletes from Canada can get athletic scholarships in the following sports; baseball, basketball, bowling, cross-country, fencing, field hockey, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track-and-field, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling. The NCAA sets the number of scholarships available to each school, allowing for over 600 scholarships per school per year. Canadian student athletes are forced to endure a variety of obstacles in the recruiting process that make their situations far more difficult than American athletes. By enlisting the expertise of a service like, these obstacles will pose little problem. We have the knowledge and experience to find you financial aid opportunities wherever they are.

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