How to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA).

The GPA is recognised internationally as the definitive calculation that is used to define your average results over a number of courses/subjects.

You can calculate your GPA with our GPA Calculator.

The methodology used to calculate your GPA is fairly simple. Each grade needs to be assigned a value, ( You would all be familiar with the 4.0 GPA grade scale.)
A =4
A- =3.70
B+ = 3.33
B =2-7
C+ =2.3
C =2.00
C- =1.7
D+ =1.3
D =1.00
D- =0.7

The next step is to multiply your grade score by the number of credit hours. Let’s assume you received a B+ for your first subject and 3 credit hours. The calculation would be 3.33 x 3= 9.99.

9.99 is your quality score.

Next calculate your quality score for each subject, total the quality scores and divide by your TOTAL number of credit hours.

Having a good GPA cannot be understated, from a prospective student/athletes point of view it could mean the difference between landing that athletic scholarship or missing out completely. Your athletic ability becomes irrelevant if you cannot meet the academic entrance standards of the college you want to play for.

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