Brazilian Student Athletes can Apply for Sports Scholarships at American Universities

Athletic Scholarships for Athletes From Brazil

With college coaches going to farther lengths to find talent, Brazil has been discovered as one of the brightest new talent pools that United States college coaches are recruiting from. Hundreds of Brazilian student athletes each year are discovering all the amazing opportunities for them to earn American athletic scholarships. Thousands of athletic scholarships are available to Brazilian athletes every year. The only catch is that to receive one of these scholarships, an athlete must be personally recruited by an American college. The process of being recruited is extremely long and difficult, even for American athletes, but it becomes an even more daunting task when one considers all of the added hurdles faced by international students. As a Brazilian student, you will have to contact the United States State Department and acquire a student visa, take all of the required American college entry exams, and have all of your Brazilian school marks translated into the American high school format. With so many things to hinder Brazilian athletes, the help of a service with years of experience in United States college recruiting can be invaluable. A company such as can take the recruiting process completely out of your hands and complete all of those difficult tasks for you.

Over the past decade, has worked with hundreds of Brazilian athletes in a variety of sports and found USA sports scholarship opportunities for nearly all of them. Our company was founded by an international athlete, so we have firsthand knowledge of just the kinds of special struggles that athletes face when attempting to come to the United States from other countries. Athletes who attempt the American recruiting process alone almost always make some minor mistake that ends up costing them a chance at an American athletic scholarship. By not enrolling with a company such as ours, you run a large risk of damaging your own recruiting chances.

Once you have signed up with our program, you will have access to all of the recruiting tools that we have developed over the past eight years. A personal recruiting coach will be assigned to you who will handle every confusing step of the recruiting process from beginning to end. From working with so many Brazilian athletes every year, our recruiting coaches have developed a sense of exactly what kinds of special obstacles stand between Brazilian athletes and the dream of playing American college sports. Your recruiting coach will craft an athletic resume for you that includes all of your major stats and highlight videos for coaches to view. The most important part of the American recruiting process is the first contact you make with coaches. If your resume is too plain or if it is too elaborate, a college coach will simply overlook it without a second thought. With our years of experience in the international recruiting scene, we know exactly how to develop your resume in such a way that it will catch the eye of college coaches.

The way in which an athlete is recruited to coaches is often far more important than playing ability and raw talent alone. With all of our expertise, we will market you to college coaches in the right way so that coaches take notice of you and keep a real relationship with you. Our company will be here throughout your entire recruiting process to make sure that you fulfill all of the steps of the recruiting process correctly. We have been working with Brazilian athletes for nearly 10 years now. Thanks to our devotion to your particular situation and the methods we have learned through our years of experience, we know exactly what kinds of steps it takes to earn you a USA athletic scholarship.

If you want to play college sports at the highest level possible, then you must come to the United States. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) encompasses the largest association of scholastic athletics in the world. Student athletes from Brazil can get athletic scholarships in the following sports: baseball, basketball, bowling, cross-country, fencing, field hockey, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track-and-field, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling. The association is also responsible for dictating the number of scholarships each college is allowed each year. Each American college has over 600 scholarships available each year to Brazilian students. With the help of a service such as ours, all of the obstacles and minor technicalities of the United States recruiting process will be taken care of for you. More than 85 percent of our clients receive financial aid offers to play sports at American colleges. By signing on with our company, you to have a great shot at playing college sports in the United States.

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