Can I get a full-ride scholarship?

It is always possible that if you are talented enough you could get a full-ride scholarship. However, full-rides are much more the exception and not the rule for college sports. The majority of athletic scholarships are not full-rides. Additionally, most college athletes are not on scholarship at all. Sports that guarantee full-ride scholarships There are […]

How long does my athletic scholarship last?

Athletic scholarships are given on a yearly basis. Many athletes and their families make the mistake of believe that athletic scholarships last all four years in college, but it’s not true. That means that they award you financial aid one year at a time. At the end of each year, scholarships are renewed by the […]

What is an athletic scholarship?

An athletic scholarship is an amount of financial aid awarded to a student-athlete from the college athletic department. These athletic scholarships are awarded based on the student’s athletic abilities and how they can contribute to the team. A coach decides who receives scholarships and how much they are awarded. Both the NCAA and the NAIA […]

How good do I need to be to get an athletic scholarship?

 The athletic skill level of college athletes varies between division levels. Division 1 sports are highly competitive so any athletes at this level are top-tier competitors. Division 2, 3, and NAIA are a bit less so, but all college sports require a certain ability level. If you are dedicated, hard-working, and a good student, […]

How do I get an athletic scholarship?

The details of getting an athletic scholarship vary from sport to sport, but the most important aspect of getting an athletic scholarship is reaching out to coaches to introduce yourself. Many athletes feel just because they are good at their sport a coach will discover them. This may be true for a very small percentage […]

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