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#19 Recruiting Corner: We’re Back! Why Don’t You Like Us?!!? Facebook, Twitter, & Starbucks?

Joshua: Hey guys. Welcome back. The Recruiting Corner is here. I know you’ve missed us. We’ve missed you. I want to introduce somebody new. This is Judy. Judy works here in the office, and she does a lot for us. So she’s going to start joining us on The Recruiting Corner, as are a lot of different faces. So you’re going to see a rotation here, but of course, I’m your standard fixture. Sorry about that.

Judy, how are things?

Judy: Doing well, Josh. Thank you. I’m excited to be here at Recruiting Corner. This is all new to me, so be nice. It will finally be nice for you guys to see who I am because I know I’ve talked to a few of you via email, Facebook, Twitter, those kinds of things. So I’m excited.

Joshua: As I said, Judy does a lot. The first question we have for you, and something we try to focus on, and really is the reason of our absence is: Why don’t you like us? Seriously, though, we’ve noticed that over the past 18 episodes of The  Recruiting Corner, we’re just not getting the views that we really want. We’re here every day trying to make your lives better, and NOBODY’S PAYING ATTENTION. It saddens me, breaks my heart, and we want to know.

Judy: We’ve been doing a few things. Josh invited me here on Recruiting Corner, so this is going to be great. Hopefully more of you will see it. But as far as reaching out to you guys, we want to know what you want. We want to know what you want to see on The Recruiting Corner, what you want to see on our Facebook, what you want to see on our website, and what you want to see on Twitter. We are open to all of your feedback. We want to hear from you.

We’ve been posting some funny stuff on Facebook. Josh is a funny guy. You guys have been liking it, but if you have other ideas, we’re game. We want to hear it. I’ve had a great opportunity to reach out from my personal Facebook as well as  from the Athnet Facebook to talk to people who’ve talked to us before and asked us recruiting questions.

I’ve talked to Lorena [SP], she’s a tennis player, great conversation with her. She’s doing really well in her tennis recruiting as an international student. That was awesome, getting to talk to her. I also got to talk to a parent, Mike, awesome  conversation on the phone. He called up, had all these great insights, was saying how much he liked our Facebook and how all the  information that we’re putting on there is helping him and his family with his son’s recruitment.

We love hearing those kind of stories. Even if it’s just a great story, we want to hear it. We want to hear how you guys are doing.

Joshua: To reiterate, guys, what Judy’s saying is your opinion matters to us. We don’t do this for us. We do this for you. We want you to tell us if what we’re telling you makes sense. If everything that we’ve talked about on The Recruiting  Corner and everything we’re putting on Facebook and on our blog and everything else doesn’t make sense to you, we need to know that. But the only way we’re going to know that is if you folks are interactive with us, letting us know what matters to you. If it’s great information and you’re using it, let us know. If it’s horrible information and you’re not using it, let us know. It’s going to allow us to do a better job in teaching you.  Now you mentioned Facebook. As I mentioned, Judy is 95% of the time the person you speak to on Facebook. If you write us a comment, she’s writing you back. If you write us on Twitter, she’s writing you back. Let’s talk about that. What kind of conversations have you been having on  Facebook and Twitter?

Judy: I’ve been having great conversations. You guys ask great questions. A lot of people come to our Facebook, it seems like they’re finding us to get started in their recruiting. So we have a lot of questions. Just being like, “Hey. How do I get recruited?” We have tons of resources we can supply you with. The links and everything from our website, I’m happy to give out to you guys to get started, to learn about the recruiting process, whether it’s going to be creating your sports  resume or even getting video out. A lot of the video stuff, Josh can help out with.

Joshua; Listen, if you guys have a highlight video and you want somebody to critique it, throw it up on Facebook, send it to me via YouTube. If you want a resume, you have no idea how to make a resume, let us know. We’ll send you a  template. We even have an entire e-book on how to write resumes. All sorts of resources all free, all the time. All you have to do is take two minutes, write us an email. Take two minutes, write us a comment on Facebook. I know you’re talking to your friends on Facebook. Talk to us, let us know what you want, let us help you out, let us help you be successful.

Speaking of Facebook, do we have a Facebook question?

Judy: Let’s see here, Facebook question. We actually have one from yesterday, Fernando. Can a community college student get recruited to play at the NCAA Division One?

Joshua: It’s a great question. Obviously, yes, you can get recruited to any division via playing junior college, and junior college is a great stepping stone. You go to junior college for two reasons. Number one, you need athletic development. Number two, you need academic development. Those are usually the two reasons that people go to junior college. It is a stepping stone. Eligibility issues are hammered out a lot in junior college. There are certain schools that do pluck junior college athletes. Not every school recruits, but you do have a good opportunity to be recruited from a junior college if you’re pro-active. That’s a big key term there, pro-activity.

You want to share anything else with the guys?

Judy: I have a couple more shout-outs from all these great people that we talk to on Facebook.

Joshua: Shout-outs are great. We like shout-outs.

Judy: Becky was a parent I got to talk to. She emailed me with all these questions I have been asking Facebook folks. Sherika also emailed me. She’s a basketball coach. It seems like she’s working really hard on getting her athletes out there, getting their names out to coaches.

Joshua: Kudos to coaches who are helping their athletes.

Judy: One of our favorites, Lodewijk . . .

Joshua: Lodewijk, how are you doing, buddy?

Judy: Lodewijk is always out there helping us out, giving us good feedback; even helping others out. Lodewijk, we love it.

Joshua: Lodewijk is Athnet’s number one fan. He’s awesome. If you guys aren’t friends with him, try to become friends with him. He’s a really good guy, and you see him all over our Facebook wall. So thank you very much.

Judy: He knows a lot about recruiting, as well. And last, but not least, we want to talk about the little giveaway we’re going to do?

Joshua: Yeah. Judy, all you.

Judy: For watching this, for letting me be here to help Josh talk, we want to give you guys a Starbucks e-giftcard. All you have to do is we’re going to give it to the first five people who comment on this on our YouTube, as far as what you’re  doing in your recruiting. That’s all we want to know, what you are doing in your recruiting, whether it’s going to be starting off, or whether you’ve contacted five coaches or 500 coaches. Tell us!

Joshua: Let us know what’s going on. First five, you comment on the YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to. Via this video you can also comment on the blog. First five people to comment, we will send you a $5 Starbucks e-giftcard so you can get hopped up on caffeine.


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